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May 13, 2008 07:44 AM


Does anyone know anything about a restaurant/store just over the MA line in Canaan, CT? Evidently there used to be a place called La Herradura there. Anyway, there's been a sign in the window that they'll be opening again some time in May. It's an hour's drive for me, but worth it, depending what I find on the end of it. Anybody been there, done that? Or have any general advice about finding Mexican food supplies, etc. in Western MA? Or, of course, really good Mexican comida?

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  1. do you know about old inn at southfield store?they are doing mexican nights,every thursday.

    1. It's pretty good but seems to have very unreliable hours. I drove by this past Friday at about 7 pm and they were closed. When we've eaten there it's been good and very authentic. Very casual decor, smallish menu, and no fancy preparations, but good solid Mexican, especially for an area that has little in this way. If you like Mexican food it's worth the drive, but I'd call first to make sure they are in operation.

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        Thanks for the assessment. We drove by last Thursday but they were closed, no sign in the window and the plants were dead. We keep hoping, but.....