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May 13, 2008 07:43 AM

Harbour Island

I'm heading to Harbour Island in June. I would love recommendations for

- cheap eats for breakfast, lunch, dinner
- a splurge or two for dinner
- any food that we must try

Thanks in advance!!


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  1. I haven't been in a couple years, so this advice might be dated or unreliable in terms of the food, but I think every place is still in business. And cheap is a relative term on the island, everything is a little more expensive than in the states. I can't give addresses, but you'll be able to pick up a little map of the island, especially if you rent a golf cart, and the island's so small, you can ask anyone for directions.

    Breakfast: Arthur's Bakery -- full line of all baked goods, and they also will make French Toast with their various breads, with bacon and other accompaniments. They make great sandwiches for lunch, too. There's some seating in the building and in a little courtyard.
    Lunch: Along with Arthur's, check out Ma Ruby's for her burgers. We've always enjoyed them.
    Dinner: Angela's Starfish, which is basically a house and you eat in the yard, Which is strung with lights and candles. Good Bahamian staples like conch, grouper, peas-n-rice, you'll get a mix of locals and travelers here.
    There are usually some food stands near the harbor dock that sell conch salad, basically a conch ceviche, cracked (fried) conch, grouper, peas-n-rice, mac-n-cheese, sometimes fried chicken (the chickens are plentiful on the island, in yards and on the roads).

    More upscale, lunch at the Blue Bar at the Pink Sands is a nice splurge if you don't want to really break the bank on one of their dinners. Lunch at Sip Sip is also superb, don't remember if they do dinner there. But both overlook the beach.

    For dinner splurging, there's the Pink Sands, The Landing and the Rock House. When we were there 2 years ago, my favorite dinner was at the Rock House.

    Have a great time, it's a beautiful island.

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        I've just returned from my trip to Harbour Island. The better food is definitely expensive, but unlike other locales, it's also consistently excellent.

        We stayed at the Coral Sands Hotel for seven nights. Here is a brief rundown of our experience with the restaurants. Many thanks to lsmutko for her guidance. Also, I write this to the reader who has the money to splurge but generally wants to save where possible.

        Breakfast -
        - We ate at Arthur's ever day. Egg sandwiches, pancakes, yogurt, fresh fruit, and delicious cookies/cupcakes/pastries. We always took a loaf of fresh bread with us (the coconut bread and the raisin breads were wonderful) with us for snacking on the beach. I heard that there is a new bakery called Sugar Cane but it was too late in the vacation to try. Breakfast ran about $10 per person, which I'm not sure buys you coffee at the hotels. At hotels, a small breakfast will run $60.

        - We had sandwiches at Dunmore Deli once. They were good, not fabulous, but relatively inexpensive and had fresh vegetables and meats.
        - Sip Sip was fantastic. The lobster quesadillas, hamburgers, tuna burgers, salads, etc. were delicious. This is expensive but was worth it to us. The setting is beautiful overlooking the beach and right next to our hotel. The drinks were great too. We went every day we could (they're closed Tues and Thurs).
        - We had lunch at our hotel twice (Coral Sands). It also overlooks the baech and is good for burgers and salads. Also expensive.

        I would recommend spending the money on the expensive dinners and saving on breakfast and lunch.
        - The Rockhouse. Our favorite. Expensive. Overlooks the harbour and is a beautiful place to watch the sun go down. The food was sophisticated. We especially enjoyed the pasta dishes and rum cake. The fish dishes contained tasty sauces and were cooked to perfection. The goat cheese mashed potatoes were insane. The drinks were delicious -- recommend a Tahitian Vanilla Rum drink. Only complaint was the service was a bit quick. We went for a birthday and they had a beautiful dessert presentation for the birthday boy. We returned after The Landing for another piece of rum cake.
        - The Landing. From my research, this was the number one recommendation. We didn't love it as much as The Rockhouse. I had the goat cheese ravioli that was one of the most delicious meals on the island. Lobster and asparagus tempura was fine. Expensive.
        - The Coral Sands. This was our second favorite. Expensive. The meals were sophisticated, multi-flavored dishes. We ate twice at this restaurant and hilights include a scallop tasting; pasta dishes; mahi mahi. I didn't love the chicken skewers.
        - Ma Ruby's. Inexpensive. This was the restaurant where we decided to spend our money on dinners. The famous cheeseburger was a disappointment. The conch fingers and grouper fingers were greasy. A caesar salad with chicken was fine.
        - Angela's starfish. Inexpensive. It was fine -- nothing special, nothing too bad. We didn't return, but would have for some basic fried chicken, fried fish, peas and rice.

        Absolutely loved Harbour Island. I highly recommend.

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          Am going next week.., for the third time....anything new ? Landing ? Sip Sip, Dunmore Deli, Acquapasta.....any new tips anyone cares to share ?

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            Harbour Island Report....

            Well back from ten days of bliss in Harbour terms of food we can report that....
            a) The Landing now serves breakfast (quite reasonably) superb french toast with just the right amount of cinnamon and vanilla...The best place to sit and take in the dockscapes, ricotta pancakes are heavenly with a divine maple/butterscotch butter, coconut bread with lime butter is yummy.

            b) Sip ever totally wonderful and a grouper sandwich to die for (or so i am told by thkids and partner who ate it often)...Lobster quesadilla w chipotle crema is excellent but advance warning split it.
            c) acquapazza...not necessarily part of the hollywood dining circle ...but reasonable (for briland), great eggplant parmesana, nice fresh tuna with capers - bit much of a muchness...but ultra fresh...(big portions - consider sharing) and best views..


            Hmm herb bread, jalapeno cheese bread (both excellent) - star attraction this trip ..cinnamon sticks - ($2) ....think cinnamon bun but less messy and done in a long mini baguette style....

            d) Valentines....damn good happy hour....(4-6) and reputedly great ribs .
            e) Brians (on Colbourne) home BBQ place open only on fri and sat after 6.30..home cooked ribs and jerk chicken...just like your own deck...but better.