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May 13, 2008 07:35 AM

Annie's Breakfast and Steaks--Orangevale

It was filling, average quality, and the coffee was ok. Service attentive. Restrooms need work. Definitely a local's hangout. $2.49 breakfast and huge menu. Many steaks.

We gave it a try, but I can't rec it based on food quality, ambiance, or health dep't reports.

We will be armed with chowhound printouts next trip!

(we're from a small-town area and not used to driving through scazillions of stop lights, so we opted for something closeby. Next time we will be ready for Sac traffic.)

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  1. As a local...I hardly ever eat here. Even with a coupon.

    Next time you are in the area, just go on into Folsom to the gold Miner or the Lake Forest Cafe. Neither has $2.99 meals, but you get what you pay for. Either of these places are better than anything you will find in Sac.....