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May 13, 2008 07:26 AM

Buy and run - best food to bring home from New Orleans

I've got a business trip to New Orleans this weekend. I'll have three nights to eat out (thank god I can skip the conference meals), and I've been reading the boards for suggestions. But what I really want to know is what should I bring home with me? I'll be in the French Quarter, and I'm going to sneak out of the Saturday morning session to get to the farmers' market. Any sauces, spice blends, bakery items, local snack foods, etc. I really have to stock up on while I'm there?

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  1. i would say Zapp's Potato chips, Cafe' Du Monde Coffee, Pralines, and actually Muffaletta's travel well...

    1. Pick up a jar of Cajun Chef Spicy Beans, I've seen them at the market before. They are great for Bloody Marys, and just delicious to crunch on when chilled.

      1. Olive salad is good to go. I brought home Hubigs pies last time, too.

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          Absoutely the olive salad from Central Grocery. We stock up every time we go.

        2. Stop at a seafood store and have them ship you some unpasturized jumbo lump and lots of shrimp. You'll have to use the crab soon after arrival but the shrimp freeze exceptionally well. If you like red beans and rice, Camellia red beans are a must. I'd skip the Hubigs. They are essentially glazed cake donuts with various fillings. Best spicy beans are made by Tobasco.

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            If the Zapp's Creole Tomato chips are available, grab as many as you can fit in the car. I'm partial to the Occhipinto pickled beans and other pickled items, onions, cauliflower, and the olive mix is very good too.

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              The Creole Tomato chips are my favorite Zapp's flavor ever.

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                Much prefer Boscoli to Occh. products. The flavor of the Occh. beans is ok but the bean quality seems tough and stringy. Best overall bean quality and heat IMO is Tobasco although they are high. Favorite Zapps, jalapeno.

            2. I second and third the muffeletta, just wrap it good - the flavors meld nicely while traveling, no need to fridgerate either. I love bringing back cajun seasoning - Tony C's. there's just too much to list out.