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May 13, 2008 07:10 AM

Please Help Me Add to My Take-out List

From time to time, when I'm bored with my usual tnt repertoire of recipes, and I'm not in the mood for experimenting with new ones, I will put together a take out meal, and supplement it with some of my own dishes.
Rather than shopping in any one take-out store in Brooklyn, I will go from store to store, and choose from the food items that I feel that each does best:

Gourmet on J - Deli Roll, Grilled portobello mushrooms, grilled vegetables, kibbe, roasted potatoes, chicken francaise, peach souffle, chunky chopped liver, noodles and cabbage, deli rolls, pareve noodle cheese kugel, cole slaw

Jerusalem Steakhouse on Avenue J - marinated chicken, babaganouj, Israeli Salad, Humous, potato salad

Flatbush Kosher (on Coney Island Ave, bet. J & K) - chicken soup, apple kugel, rice kugel

Chap-a-Nosh on Elm Ave. - stuffed capons

Meal Mart on Avenue M - shnitzel

Meisner's on Avenue M - potato kugel

I may not be the best cook [although I've been told I'm pretty good :) ], but I do have a reputation for putting together a take-out meal second to none.
For even more variety, I'd love some other recommendations of specialties that you enjoy from these or other restaurants or take-out places in Flatbush, or Boro Park Brooklyn. Thanks very much!

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  1. When I am in Brooklyn and off my diet, I buy Meal Mart's sweet noodle kugel, which I eat cold in the car. Since you seem to have bought from many different stores in Brooklyn, who, in your expert opinion, has the best sweet noodle kugel.

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      For some reason I haven't sampled sweet noodle kugels from most of the stores I mentioned in my original post. I really like the parve cheese noodle kugel from Gourmet on J. I find that for me, their regular sweet noodle kugel, and their apple noodle kugel are sickly sweet.

    2. somehow the idea of running around to several take-out locations seems completely contradictory to the whole take-out idea

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        That's probably true for most people, but I get a kick out of going from place to place, and finding what I think is the best version of a particular food - rather than buying it all in one place, and settling for a so-so version.
        Though I admit that it's a hassle, particularly with the parking, it beats standing on my feet, in one place, and cooking when my bad back is acting up.
        When I serve this take-out food, I never try passing it off as my own, but I find that my guests appreciate my "talent" of knowing what to choose :)

        1. re: Bzdhkap

          There's a gerrer store in Boro Park who make stop notch p'cha/galla. I'll try to find out specifics. Also, while in Boro Park, Cheskel's Shwarma King makes an excellent thursday night chulent, though prices range depending on quality of chulent meat...They also have excellent yerushalmi kugel.

      2. Have you tried Landau's kugels?

        1. I just thought of a great idea for a business, a tour of all the kosher Take-out stores in Brooklyn, just hop on the bus....

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          1. re: berel

            Take it one step further, create a "virtual" store where one creates an order using all the Flatbush/Boro Park take out stores and allow placing orders either on-line or fax or call in and it will be delivered to your house. User can create a profile of favorites, (ex potato kugel = Meisners potato kugel) and shop based on your "custom built store". A feature of this service would also allow you to request "show me all potato kugels sorted ascending by price per pound". One can also have a link to "Show me all specials". And like Amazon allow user comments on each item to help one choose whose potato kugel to order from. If this catches on it would result in lower prices and higher quality.

            1. re: MartyB

              Marty, how come every time you comment on something, i feel like you are my role model? Somehow everything you say i feel like i should have said it.

              You are like the ME of the future.