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May 13, 2008 06:58 AM

Good restaurant in Pgh for a 60th?

I haven't lived in Pittsburgh for a few years, so I'm not really sure what the higher end restaurant scene looks like now. It seems like a lot of places have opened, closed and changed since 2005.

I'll be in town this weekend and we'll be taking my Dad out to dinner for his 60th birthday. Probably a small group, no more than 6 or 7 people, no one who's at all picky (even the 12 year old). Mostly, I'm looking for a place that serves good, interesting food in the city or immediate south hills, but decent service/atmosphere would be nice. Maybe something along the lines of Seviche/Red Room, but I haven't been to those two places, so I don't know what they're really like. (I know it's CMU commencement, so that might be an issue with getting a table in the East End area.)

I'm not really looking for a specific recommendation as much as an idea what the options might be.

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  1. The first two restaurants that spring to mind are Legume in Edgewood and Mio in Aspinwall, but both are likely outside the perimeter of where you're willing to go.

    Six Penn downtown is a good option. And as always, I'll recommend Alla Famiglia in Allentown at just about any opportunity.

    Mio Kitchen & Wine Bar
    225 Commercial Avenue, Aspinwall, PA 15215

    1113 S Braddock Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218

    Six Penn Kitchen
    146 Sixth Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

    1. I'm partial to Alla Famiglia in Allentown for special occasions. Reservations are required.

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        You may like Cafe Giorgio, off a small street near South Hills Village. In a converted cape code house, excellent food, service friendly, knowledgeable, and unobtrusive.

        Is Luma on Castle Shannon Blvd another option? I've not been there, but remember hearing about it a few months back.

        Happy birthday to your dad!

      2. Legume is kind of tough in that it's a really small venue and they don't take reservations? although they will take your # and you can wait at D's and get a drink there.

        How about Eleven, Capital grille, Nine on Nine, Cafe Zao, Palate or Sonoma Grille in the city?

        I don't have much familiarity with the South Hills so sorry I can't help :(

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          Legume took my reservation a week in advance for last Friday night. Maybe they changed their policy?

        2. Try Bado's Cucina on 19 in McMurray/Peters. Great atmosphere and perfect for a group. Call ahead and let them know that you are celebrating. Wonderful food and a BYOB.

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          1. re: six dower

            Bado's Cucina is a great choice, but it's about 12 miles (~25 minutes) south of the Liberty Tunnel. Closer in are Bistro 19 and Iovino's, both in Mt. Lebanon, about 10 minutes south of the tunnel.

            FWIW, if you're thinking Mio, be sure to check the wine list prices - they use the 3x cost method. It's ridiculous and takes away from what could be a great dining experience. Contrast that against The Carlton, which has perhaps the most sane wine pricing for an upscale restaurant in the area.

            1. re: Panini Guy

              Is Bado's Cucina run by the same people as the Bado's pizzeria in Mt. Lebanon? I'll check out Bistro 19 and Iovino's -- Mt. Lebanon's in the general vicinity I'm looking for. Peters Twp and Aspinwall are both a bit out of the way. Nine on Nine and Palate I should check into, also. Alla Famiglia looks pretty nice.

              Thanks for all the suggestions. I know a lot of the hole-in-the-wall places I used to go to are still around, but it seems like the more upscale (hate that word) places have had a lot of turnover.

          2. The last time I went home to Pittsburgh, I went with my family to Casbah, which is kind of on the border of Shadyside and East Liberty. I had an amazing dinner, as did everyone I was with. If you like tart drinks, you must have a Casbahpolitan, although I must warn you not to do it on an empty stomach!