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May 13, 2008 06:53 AM

Decent Tex-Mex in Boca, Pompano AREA?

I know there are some good ones in Ft. Lauderdale but anything in Pompano or Lighthouse Pt.? I see a few along the road but not sure if any are decent. Good margarita is paramount lol!!! TIA, Linda

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  1. Only one is worthy....Celito Lindo's Pompano Beach. The original one is the best and is located off of Dixie Hwy. but I believe there is another on Federal Hwy between Pompano and Lighthouse Pt.

    1. Baja Cafe fits your requirements. They serve decent tex-mex and california-mex food and they are serious about their tequilas and margaritas.

      There are two locations, one in Boca (201 NW 1st Ave., Boca Raton, 561-394-5449) and one in Deerfield Beach (1310 S. Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach, 954-596-1305.) You can check out their menu, tequila list, and drink menu here:

      Baja Cafe Uno
      201 NW 1st Ave, Boca Raton, FL 33432

      Baja Cafe Dos
      1310 S Federal Hwy, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

      1. Senor burrito is a good mexican place located at 5 points in boca off hwy 1.It is located across the street(not hwy 1 ) from fran's chicken haven in the same strip mall as the peruvian restaurant.They have great spicey salsa verde you can eat with the chips.There is another one but I cant remember the name of it on hwy one going south in a strip mall on the left after crossing hillsbourough Which features a large tasting bar of hot sauces. I used to go there all the time until we moved to nj last year. i have been gone so long that I cannot remember the name.

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          Thank you all! Went to Camino Lindo (former Celito Lindo) last night and it wasn't bad - wasn't to die for and the margies were good when a shot was added. I live down the street from Senor Burrito and have never tried it - will do in near future. DH had bad meal in Baja Cafe in Boca and won't go back (I might be able to persuade him as he can't quite remember - long time ago - why he didn't like it. Thanks very much.

          1. re: Linda VH

            Linda VH,
            I just thought of the name of the other restaurant. It is called Tijuana Flats and the address is 431 south federal hwy. if you take 95, you get off on hillsborough, go east, right on federal, and it is in a strip mall soon after that on the left. They have a great area with alot of different hot sauces for you to try. it is a chain, but I enjoyed it.
            Senor burrito is good and everything is fresh, but I forgot to tell you they don't have a large selection of things on their menu. Like I said before, the slasa verde is excellent to eat with the chips, you just need to ask for it as they don't automatically give it to you.
            Is baja cafe the one on atlantic? I"m originally fromNC and was dying for mexican food when I had Moved to delray beach. That is really difficult to find in that area, We ried one we came across .I think it was on atlantic, AWFUL! In NC there are mexican restaurants almost on every corner.
            There is another senor burrito going north on federal, on the left just before you get to atlantic. If you blink you will miss it.
            I hope you will enjoy it. Try both and see what you think.

            1. re: Bengaliwife

              Thoughts on Chipotle Mexican Grill? Haven't eaten at them yet, but every one has a crowd

              Chipotle Mexican Grill
              2301 Glades Rd # C, Boca Raton, FL
              (561) 443-5540

              1. re: jmdhsmiami

                Very good and fresh, but pricey. When you order chips, they give you a dinky amount of salsa and charge you $2.00 for another dinky container. You should try it. It is very good.

                1. re: jmdhsmiami

                  Personally, I'd pass up Chipotle. It's owned by McDonald's and is nothing special, as expected from a made for the masses chain. Support your local privately owned places that bring something special and authentic, like Senor Burrito.

                2. re: Bengaliwife

                  Bengaliwife - Baja Cafe has two locations - in Deerfield Beach on Federal south of Hillsboro and in Boca on NW 1st Ave (north of Palmetto and on the other side of the tracks from Dixie.) The "Places Mentioned" section of this thread and their web site has maps.

                  At the moment, our favorite place for Mexican food (not tex-mex) is Taqueria Dona Raquel in Pompano but it's not a place for margaritas. You'll find lots of comments about this place on the board.

                  Taqueria Dona Raquel
                  793 S Dixie Hwy W, Pompano Beach, FL

                  1. re: RickL

                    Need those margies lol!!! Will try Tijuana Flats. That's the name of our favorite when we lived in Greenwich Village lo those many years ago lol!!!

                3. re: Linda VH

                  If you're willing to travel a little south, I would recommend Zona Fresca on Federal between Oakland and Sunrise. Great salsa bar, great guac.

                4. re: Bengaliwife

                  Senor Burrrito is by far better than any other 'rito joint. As mentioned above, their spicy salsa verde by request is very good. And their mole verde is better than any I have had in SoFla. SB is more authentic than most Mexican restos down here.

                5. I've always enjoyed Rattlesnake Jakes. It's on A1A on that little east/west section as you go S from Boca into Deerfield (right across street from Whale's Rib).

                  Start out with chips and salsa and a side of Gauc. Wife and I usually then get one dolphin fajita and split it. This is a big hangout for local fisherman so there's very often EXTREMELY FRESH seafood. The owner, Junior, is also a fishing nut so you never know what he might have caught just hours earlier.

                  One catch: Beer and wine only so no true margatitas.