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May 13, 2008 06:27 AM

any reasonably priced spots in union sq?

i just moved to union square and i am having a tough time finding reasonably priced places to get dinner on weeknights. any suggestions? i'm on union square south, so any suggestions in the area would be great! i can't find anything for good takeout either!

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  1. If you're willing to wait, you moved pretty close to a super hyped, and in my opinion pretty damn good, pizza place on 14th b/w 1st and 2nd. It's called Artichoke, and you'll probablly end up waiting a 1/2 hour for a slice, but i think it's worth it.

    You also have Stand, a good burger place on 12th b/w 5th and university.

    Los Dos Molinos - mexican, 18th b/w park and irving

    Saigon Grill - vietnamese, university b/w 11th and 12th

    You're also pretty close to the east village, and there are a ton of reasonably priced places down there that you can enjoy. Just wander down and you're bound to stumble upon something pretty interesting.

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      Have to respectfully disagree with Los Dos Molinos (the respect is for you, Minh, not the restaurant). It's loud, too expensive, and gut-wrenching.

    2. I go to school around there/here so here is what I do for a break:

      1.La Taza de Oro at 96 Eighth Ave., New York, NY 10011 has really amazing red beans and pretty stand out beef dishes (but it is a bit of a walk).
      2.Sammy's Noodle Shop & Grill 453 6th Ave | At 11th St, is old school roast duck and bao kind of Chinese.
      3.The Grey Dog's Coffee at 90 University Place at 12th Street is good for small liberal college town type food (salads and so on)
      4.Vanessa’s Dumplings. 220 E 14th St (between Second and Third Aves) not as good or as cheap as the LES spot but still do the trick.
      5. Free tapas at Spain! Order a drink and wait for the food to come slowly but throughout the night, just don't order any tapas (this makes them kind mad also I think it helps to come with women or be one yourself) The food can be anything from a slice of tortilla or 5 meatballs to ribs, wings and garlic shrimp. Spain Restaurant & Bar. 113 W 13TH St New York, NY

      As for the other posters:
      Saigon Grill is on the wrong side of a labor dispute but I agree that Stand is pretty good.

        1. Do Sirak, Korean, 13th Street
          'Wichcraft, soups, sandwiches, salads, 8th Street

          What do you consider "reasonably priced" and can you be more specific about type of food?

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            bite is great for soups/sandwiches...

          2. Thanks all. i have been to a few and this is what i think about those..
            Los Dos Molinos- nothing great and not worth the price
            Stand- pretty good for quick bite, but want more healthy options for lunch or dinner
            Saigon Grill- agree, pretty good and reasonable. dont go as much bc of the labor dispute

            i've never been to Petite Abeille, so i'd be willing to check that out. i feel like there are not many good places that appeal to everyone, like if i have guests, etc. sometimes i go to The Coffee Shop, but it's so overpriced and not worth it. i also feel that l'express gets way too packed and it's not worth it.

            are there any other options that would appeal to many? a place we could sit-down at if we want? Preferably something on or close to the east side.

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              What about Five Points? Is that farther than you're thinking? I think of that as a something-for-everyone place.

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                FYI to the OP: last time I ate at Five Points it was over $200 for four people. It's a good place but maybe not the sort of everyday reasonable place you're looking for. If you're willing to venture that far south, Great Jones is right across the street.