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May 13, 2008 06:04 AM

one night in Camden

I apologize if this is covered somewhere else on the bords; I looked but couldn't find much. My husband and I are driving from PEI to CT and will be stopping in Camden, Maine for one night. We plan on having dinner at Francine Bistro but would like a nice place to stop for a drink as well. Any suggestions?

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  1. Try the search function at the top of the page. Here's what came up for Camden, but there are tons of posts. Also a search for mid-coast maine would work.

    Although if you are going to Francine's for dinner I don't see the need for a drink before, and you won't want one after. Just go there, sip wine or have a cocktail, and settle in. If you need to have a nice liqueur or dessert wine after with coffee.

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      1. Buy a pint and some mixers, make your own, and drink it at the top of that mountain in Camden Hills State Park overlooking the bay at sunset. Of course, its a State Park, so that would be wrong..

        1. One place many people don't think of for drinks is the porch over the water at the Camden Deli... but they only serve beer & inexpensive wine. The Waterfront has another nice patio at the water's edge. Natalie's is elegant & they do the "sophisticated" thing better than anyone in town. And JMF is right about Francine's, they do a good job, the bar in particular, just don't think about it when you get the bill.

          1. couldn't agree more with grant.cook. what a great suggestion. go to a nice spot and enjoy a moment. that experience sounds good to me and I have lived here all my life. try a drive aroung megunticook lake if you have time it is another beautiful Camden area drive. As for dinner, we have some of the finest restaurants in the country, I have been to Francine and Brevetto recently and would say that all parties involved seem to be passionate and involved with the success of the food and area that they love.

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              grant.cook's comment gave me another idea: the rocks on Beauchamp Point in Rockport.