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May 13, 2008 06:01 AM

New Lunch Restaurant Suggestions?

I'm in the mood for something new. Does anyone have any tips on good, new restaurants in DC? I'm looking for casual, inexpensive to moderate, somewhere for lunch. Neighborhood doesn't matter as much, but somewhere between Columbia Heights, Dupont, downtown, Capitol Hill would be good.

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  1. Have you had lunch at CF Folks before? That's always a good one. Also in Dupont I really like going to SoHo coffee on P St. for their delicious pulled chicken wrap. It's practically addictive!! Other places to consider in Dupont would be Mai Thai or Thai Chef for the obvious.

    Up on the Hill I get lunch quite regularly at the charming Le Bon Cafe. Closer to Eastern Market I go to Market Lunch inside Eastern Market and Old Siam for decent Thai.

    1. Greek Deli (19th st b/w L and M)
      Best Sandwich place (next to Borders on 18th and L) - that´s the name of the place
      Breadline (18th and Pennsylvania)
      Cous Cous Cafe (20th and M)