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May 13, 2008 05:37 AM

daiwa sushi

I've read alot of great reviews about daiwa sushi near the fish market. Not trying to sound ignorant....i love to try this place out but was wondering how do people order (without an english menu). Do you just pick the buffet and the chef just puts the sushi in front of you?
Is it roughly about 3000 Yen per head?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There are pictures of the set breakfasts/lunches. It's very easy, don't worry. Just give it a try.

      1. Just had it this morning and I don't speak a lick of japanese. The sushi guy in front figured out i only spoke english (i'm asian) and said "sushi set"? and i nodded. as he gave me each piece he said the name of the fish in english although i would have understood if he had said it in japanese. it was awesome. highly recommend! it was 35,500 for the set per person.

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          Please, tell me that's an extra zero.

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            haha yeah i think thats an extra zero.

            thanks, what do you get in the sushi set?

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              daiwa is great. the "sushi set" is actually omakase, or "chef's choice", so it largely varies depending on the day's catches.

              the chef will probably start you off with some maki, last time i went it was the standard cucumber and tuna rolls, then proceed with the parade of nigiri.

              for about $35, it's a great deal. although i find myself ordering a few more pieces based on what has or hasn't already been served.

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              oopsies, i did put an extra zero, hehe. from what i remember i had a toro (not sure if it was a chu or otoro), maguro, hamachi, uni, ebi, anago, and one other piece i don't remember. there was also a tamago and a 6 or 8 piece roll, half of which was a ikura roll and the other half a tuna roll. comes also with a fish based miso soup which was absolutely delicious.

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                Loooooove this place, and love the idea of breakfast sushi when I go to Tsukiji. I am fortunate in that I speak enough Japanese to order my favorite fish, which means that my bill ends up around JPY 8k...not a cheap breakfast!

            3. I would go to Sushi Dai instead. (Just 2 stalls beside Daiwa Sushi) The Omakase set at Sushi Dai had a couple more pieces of nigiri than at Daiwa sushi. I went to Sushi Dai first before going to Daiwa sushi and felt Sushi Dai was much better value.