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May 13, 2008 05:13 AM

J & J the only Filipino restaurant in the GBA

It is the only Filipino restaurant in the Greater Boston area, maybe that's why they thought they can get away with mediocre cooking and small portions and expensive items.
There were 3 of us that went to lunch last weekend, one had been there before and she mentioned that they served generous portions and so she was embarassed that she brought us to this place to find mediocre pickings and tiny portions.We ordered the crispy pata which was like half the trotter and it was still tough and the skin was not crispy, what a let down! we also ordered the Mung Bean dish which could have been just boiled with Beef Boullion and topped with pork cracklings, it was tasteless! the kare kare was boiled beef with peanut butter and we asked for bagoong that was not spicy hot and they did not have it! The liempo was a pice of porkchop with sweet soy sauce on top, what was that all about? No presentations at all. Eeven boiled bones was over $3 per bowl, which is otherwise free at the chinese restauurants!
never again! next time I pin for Filipino foods, we'll drive to Elmhurst NYC, even if gasoline hits $4/gallon.

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      1. I have to say I'm surprised as well. I had a delicious meal there, and I felt that the portions, while not huge, were appropriate for the prices they charged.

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          I guess I must be spoiled when it comes to Filipino foods, I have tried some of the best in manhattan and Queens and Jersey city, LA, san Francisco, union City and las vegas, so I know what it is supposed to taste like. Also I am a foodie first and an excellent cook second.
          What I am trying to say too, is that just because they are the only Filipino restaurant in the area... I mean I am entititled to my opinions as you are to yours.

          1. re: openonymous

            I don't think I was saying that you shouldn't have an opinion, only that I was surprised at your opinion. I went with a Filipino woman I work with, and she was also pleased with what we ordered.

            1. re: openonymous

              Nobody said you weren't entitled to your opinion. Just said my experience was different. There's not a huge Filipino community in Boston like there is in NY, LA, etc.

          2. that's too bad. i've eaten there many times and always enjoyed it. found it inexpensive, consistently good, and served generous portions