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May 12, 2008 11:32 PM

Sunday Night Prix-fixe in Seattle?

Any one know of a restaurant that offers a prix-fixe menu on Sundays?

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  1. chez shea (next door to Matt's in the Market) offers both a prix fixe and a tasting menu on Sundays. for something more elaborate, there's Herbfarm.

    1. Rovers is always terrific. French owner/chef and consistently great food.

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      1. re: firecracker

        Dinette does special sunday night dinners, with fixed menu.

        1. re: bluedog67

          Dinette's Sunday Dinners are great, but you need to sign up to their email list to get the invitations and make reservations. They don't happen every week, and the menu is a secret until you arrive - all that is revealed is the theme.

          1. re: terrier

            have you been? i am on the list, but never made a reservation.

            1. re: bluedog67

              I've been to maybe a dozen at this point. Sunday Supper is a set menu served family style, the 2-top tables all pushed together to make three long rows. The theme is always (at least as long as I've been going) a national or regional cuisine from somewhere abroad.

              Some weeks have been better than others, but there's always been at least one truly memorable dish - this past Sunday's pollo en chilemole was choice. (Yucatecan cuisine was the theme.) Last month's Roman-themed dinner had some deeply awesome gnocchi alla romana, and I still dream of the homemade sausage from the bollito misto at last year's Piemontese dinner. (Not to say the other courses are slouches either!)

              Of course, Dinette's a fine restaurant on a regular night too - among my favorite in Seattle.

        2. re: firecracker

          I don't think Rovers open on Sundays.

        3. Qube does a 3 course, 9 dishes prix-fixe as well as chef tasting menu up to 9 course.