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May 12, 2008 11:09 PM

Where is the best shrimp cocktail in Dallas/Plano?

Hi ya'll:

I was just wondering, in your opinion, who has the best shrimp cocktail in the FW/Dallas/Plano area? My husband and I tried Pappadeaux on the weekend, but we didn't like the pico de gallo, and the avocadoes that were part of it. We are in search of a more traditional, 1950's style, shrimp cocktail with the horseradish infused sauce. Any good recommendations?

Thank you.

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  1. For a traditional one, i'd say Oceanaire. For a Mexican one, like you had I would go for the ones at Big Shucks on Mockingbird or AwShucks on Greenville Ave.

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      i second oceanaire. the shrimp are huge. their cold seafood tower is really good too.

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        Or go to Au Shucks or Big Shucks or several of the other places of that type. Order the steamed shrimp and you basically make your own sauce with the ingredients listed in this thread.

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          I would also have to third the rec for Oceanaire. Shrimp are huge and the sauce is just what you are looking for. Of course you could probably make your own with larger shrimp, a bit spicier sauce and not break the bank. I happen to love horseradish so my cocktail sauce is more horseradish than ketchup.

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            Next time you make a batch, I want some!! I love me some horseradish!

        2. This doesn't directly answer your question, but it comes close.

          If you are ever going to do a horseradish-infused shrimp cocktail at home, get the Cocktail Sauce at Central Market. It may be the best cocktail sauce I have ever tried.

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          1. S&D Oyster Company has great shrimp.

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              S & D is a good one (try it with their excellent remoulade). I think the best shrimp cocktail is at The Capital Grille. The shrimp are big, fresh-tasting, and cold. They taste like really good Gulf brown shrimp, right out of the water, and they are expertly cooked.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Thank you all so much for the great suggestions!!