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May 12, 2008 10:46 PM

SEA great burgers!

I happened to visit Queen City Grill the night before Nancy Leson's review of great burgers. Let me add QCG to the list! Ground sirloin hand shaped, grilled to perfection, with a great bun and perfect bun to patty ration, white cheddar, and the usual pickle-lettuce-tomato-catsup-mustard. It was my favorite burger this year! Roasted red potato side.

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  1. Just had a very good one down in Georgetown at the Last Chance Chili Shack.

    Nothing elaborate, and not as big and juicy as Lunchbox Lab's, but a solid 1/3 pound or so patty (thick style), handmade, grilled very nicely with the usual condiments (nice and fresh). I didn't ask if patties were made fresh every day, but it sure tasted like it.

    They told me they're still trying out different buns, but the one yesterday was nice, maybe a touch too thick, but not one of those buns that drowns the burger.

    The best comparison would be the Lenny's/Fat Albert Burger, but significantly better in every way.