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May 12, 2008 09:39 PM

Jager Haus

Wow. Finally another German joint in New Orleans!

Read about it in Gambit. Headed over for dinner. Cute place, good beer selection, nice staff, great potato pancakes, but...........


Also, they played awful soft rock music somewhat loudly. Play some German music or even WWOZ.

However, I shall return to get some Schnitzel!

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  1. I had lunch there about three weeks ago, soon after they opened, and the music was the same! Horribly reminiscent of the Eurovision contest about 15 years ago.

    But I had the wurstsalad which was awesome (if you like onion and vinegar smothered chunks of wurst, which I do) and the potato pancakes with bacon and saurkraut which was also very good. The coffee is really good too. That's it, I'm going back there today for lunch.

    1. I am so excited about trying this place. I've been waiting for a German Restaurant in New Orleans for years!

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        haven't been back yet. was actually just in munich and vienna for my honeymoon. ate schnitzel 6 times! just goes to show you that when a restaurant fails to deliver it takes time to get a customer back. then again, after eating schnitzel 6 times i haven't really been craving it...maybe another week or so!

      2. Sounds intersting. I do not recall a German restaurant in NOLA, since Kolb's, and that was decades ago. (Did see that the old sign was still up on last visit).

        This was never a genre of dining, that had a large following in years past, and I'd welcome it, especially if they do German well.

        In many other cities, we seek out good/great German restaurants, but I seldom even think of that cuisine, when in NOLA. Maybe I'll need to rethink that mindset.

        Thanks for the review.


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          It's strange that there isn't more German cuisine considering all the German descendants in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

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            I thought the same 30 years ago, and continue to agree. Just think about the number of German neighborhoods that existed in NO. Guess they all ate at home...


        2. Finally made it to Jaeger Haus - Thumbs Up!

          Small, comfortable hole in the wall - service relaxed, but attentive - it was almost as if you were with relatives. The front room is well lit with large windows.

          The place is run by Czechs who had lived in Munich. My biggest disappointment was that they did not have the typical Czech steamed bread dumplings, and had to settle for spaetzele - tough on me, bu no tragedy as they were very. Very good.

          I had the garlic soup with croutons - good but a tad salty. The boss had the cold cucumber soup which was excellent.

          We split the rabbit pate - very good.

          The boss had the Jaeger Schnitzel, I the Wiener - I chose the pork option - both top notch.

          All the above was slightly less than $50 w/o tax or drinks, and we were both stuffed. I will try the goulash next trip.

          Great place for lunch or an early dinner in the Quarters.

          1. My girlfriend and I ate a Jaeger Haus tonight and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The sauce on the Jaeger Schnitzel was a little thinner than I'm accustomed to, but it was still very good. Also enjoyed the potato pancakes and apple sauce. I must admit I am a little biased, because when I find a place that is tasty, relatively cheap, and two blocks from my apartment I will shamelessly encourage anyone to eat there. While I love Creole food, it's nice to find an occasional restaurant that doesn't have gumbo, andouille, po-boys, etc. on the menu.