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May 12, 2008 08:21 PM

Dinner in/near Middleburg, Va

Planning a drive out to some wineries near Middleburg this coming weekend (we'll be coming from NoVa). Are there any good restaurants in or near Middleburg? We will be having dinner after some wine tastings. Looking for something nice-casual...nicer than a sandwich shop but nothing too fancy.

Would love any suggestions...

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  1. Did the "Salamander Kitchen", Todd Gray's (Equinox) horse country venture, open?

    1. Hunter's Head Tavern in Upperville. The only restaurant in town. Just head down 50 a few miles past Middleburg and you'll see it on the right. Best bread in the entire metro area. Owned by Sandy Learner (the ex-wife of Cisco's founder) who operates an organic farm around the corner. Just about everything served in the restaurant is grown/raised there. Traditional, hearty pub food in a cozy setting Great bangers and mash, burgers, salads, stews, mac and cheese, etc. We usually eat at the bar, but the dining room and patio are very nice.

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        Get a reservation, they will probably be busy.

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          I second the Hunter's Head. Good food and nice setting. I have the same plan as you. Wineries with visiting family and an easy, casual, but nice lunch/early dinner.

        2. I think you'd like the French Hound. It's a charming, rustic place with very good bistro food.

          Which wineries are you planning to hit?

          1. in Purcellville, about 14 miles away, Magnolia's Mill is something special. excellent service, wonderful cocktails, well prepared and delicious dishes.

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              Ditto. A nice place to relax and eat at the bar, particularly on a Sunday evening.