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May 12, 2008 08:13 PM

Oysters at the Hollywood FM

So on Sunday my cat woke me up extremely early, early enough that I made it to the Hollywood Farmer's Market without having to think twice about parking.
Which allowed me to meet the delightful young lady selling live oysters, clams and small scallops directly from the grower in Carlsbad. At $10 a dozen, I figured with the exchange rate it was about the same price I pay in my native Normandy for the same type of experience, and I adore oysters, so I bought a dozen.

Now I know nothing about American oysters, so don' t ask me what type/species they were, I couldn't answer. I picked up the biggest ones, which would be medium/small back home. The young lady was very helpful, bagged them with ice, and she also sells those metallic-looking thermal bags, so you keep your bounty at the right temperature until you reach home. Before me was a customer buying clams and scallops and she told him everything about conservation, cooking/opening them, etc.

Anyway, I had the oysters like night, and they were very, very good. Easy to open for one, and then meaty, briny but not too powerfully strong, and very fresh. In fact they reminded me very much of the oysters grown in Normandy in Saint Vaast La Hougue: not the most fanciful ones, but great every day oysters (if you know French oysters: nowhere near as transcendental as Bellons, slightly inferior to Marennes-Oleron, but very satisfying nonetheless).
Also, this being May I was a bit afraid they might be already too fatty/too cloying, but no, they were perfect.

So if you crave oysters on a weekly basis like I often do, and are not afraid of opening your oysters yourself, I recommend going there. It will brighten your Sunday.
With a glass of Prosecco from TJ's life is grand without hurting your wallet too much!

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  1. Thanks for the report. I've been eyeing this place for a few weeks but hadn't taken the plunge yet. Now I will.

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    1. re: sku

      Me too. They have it in the Tuesday FM inCulver city too. It' s the guy with mussels , clams and 2 kinds of oysters, right?

      1. re: vittus

        That's the one. They sometimes also have scallops.

    2. we tried these a few weeks back, the larger size, and they were great! if you don't mind the cleaning and shucking, they are also a great deal pricewise, and we had a bag with a few extra in there so we were very happy.

      1. thanks for the heads up. btw, do you know if the vendor will shuck them there?

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        1. re: wilafur

          i can't remember if they offer that, but if you have to do it yourself, DON"T get the OXO oyster knife, it's too sharp on the edges and mangled our shells. and it's the only type they sell at bed, bath, and beyond. hopefully you'll have another cooking supply place nearby and don't grab the oysters on a whim like we did!

          1. re: wilafur

            No, I don't think she does.
            I do have my own French oyster knife, but she was telling me about an alternative method involving an ice pick and a screwdriver.
            Anyway, for that price I think it's well worth shucking them myself!

          2. glad to hear this, i've seen them and wondered how they were. on a side note, does anyone get fish from the truck at the hollywood FM? it's amazing. i'm addicted to it. it's worth standing in that line.

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            1. re: Clyde

              i agree....the fish is very fresh and very good there. i had salmon a couple of weeks ago and it was reasonable (relatively speaking) and very good.

            2. Here, here! I had the small oysters because I prefer that and they were just fantastic. I went early last Saturday to the SM location and she wasn't there (yet? anymore?) and I was horribly dissapointed. Enjoy!

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              1. re: Frommtron

                If it's the same booth, they were at the Sunday Main Street Santa Monica market last weekend.