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May 12, 2008 07:58 PM

Anyone tried BLT Steak of STK?

I'm looking for a place to celebrate my 30-something bday with my husband and another couple. I live in the Valley but was always really up on what's new and great in the city. We used to go otu all the time. I am a longtime foodie and wine person. For my bday, I kind of wanted someplace with a little sparkle and ambiance. Has anyone been to these two places? We've been to Mozza, Cut, All'Angelo, AOC, Republic and Grace recently. Any other suggestions?

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  1. BLT steak is awesome. Great food and energy. STK is younger and more night clubby. BLT has better food. Enjoy.

    1. The food I had at BLT was very solid, nothing innovative or cutting edge, everything seasoned and cooked perfectly. Definitely get the crepes souffle for dessert.

      1. Haven't been to BLT but had a great meal at STK last weekend. Oddly enough, though everyone seems to agree that the BLT crowd is noticeably older, I found the STK crowd to be surprisingly old, and I'm 40 myself. I guess that means the BLT folks are even further over the hill. I'd say STK would be a great event destination. And be sure to get the corn pudding side. No, really.

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          BLT just got a nice review in the LA Times. I have only eaten at the BLT in Washington, D.C., but I had a great meal there. If you're not carb-phobic, be sure to try the popovers. I'll be checking out STK next week and will report back.

        2. Well, we ate at STK last night, and it was quite the scene -- packed with celebs, studio execs and gaggles of scantily-clad blondes. The duck entree was delicious, but the steak was merely average, I'm afraid. You don't need great steak, I guess, when you have such a scene. Paparazzi swarmed the entrance. The food at STK is not on par with Cut or Boa or BLT, but the place was buzzing. I seriously doubt anyone was there just for the food. Avoid the bread pudding. It was dry and bland.