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good eats near williamsbugh,va

Will be going on vacation with the wife at the end of June. I am looking for a few chow -head type places in the area. We are willing to travel, since I am coming down from New Jersey anyway.

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  1. Dudley's Farmhouse Grill (outside of town a bit but worth the drive)
    The Fat Canary
    Blue Talon Bistro

    1. I had a post about this a few months ago. We ended up at The Fat Canary which was excellent. Their beef dish and carpaccio was to die for. Then the next day we went to the Kings Arms for the peanut soup. Unique experience but nothing to write home about.

      Do go to The Fat Canary though. And report back!

      1. Definitely the Fat Canary. Also get a sandwich at the Cheese Shop which shares the same building. They are great exemples of good food coming from good ingredients done simply. Also find time for Pierce's BBQ just outside of town off of I-64 as you head into Williamsburg -- you'll see it on the right. Yellow and orange building is hard to miss. The Cheese Shop and Pierce's were a big part of my four years of college.

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          Definitely go for Pierce's. It's about a 4 hour drive for me, but I've actually gone down there just for the BBQ, then turned around (with a bunch of it to go for my freezer) and driven home. The sauce by itself isn't anything special, but it makes for some very good food when it's all together.

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            Have to disagree with bharner on the sauce. It's one of my faves. It's on the sweet side, has sneaky hot spice to it, and a hint of cinnamon. I buy it by the case and use on (or in) a lot of things.

        2. Pierce's Pitt BBQ. Near I-64.

          The Trellis is in Williamsburg; I've not eaten there but a good friend has and loves the place.

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            I went to the Trellis a couple of years ago and loved it! Don't skip dessert.

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              It's been years, but I liked the Trellis too. I remember eating in the less fancy section (cafe??) and having a delicious savory cheesecake with ham, and I did get The real, authentic, delicious "Death by Chocolate" dessert.
              Now, keep in mind, that The Trellis is the real thing, and you are not going to get some piece of dried out cake listed under that name on the menu. Marcel Desaulnier should have patented that name, as it's been sullied by all the vastly inferior imitators over the years. Chocolate lovers should make a pilgrimage there.

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                We stayed overnight near Wmsbrg on our way to the Outer Banks a couple years back, and we walked around the historic village and William & Mary in the early morning before anything was open. Reading the menu at the Trellis was an experience in going "Yup. Yup. Oh yeah. I'd eat that."

                I almost knocked on the door and asked if Marcel could come out and play.

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                It's been a few years since I've been back to the 'burg but here's my take.

                While I have enjoyed some nice lunches on the patio, I've never had a dinner at the Trellis that lived up to my expectations. And, although I love chocolate, the Death by Chocolate was always too sweet, the white chocolate balloons were much better.

                It is also important to distinguish from the inns in colonial Williamsburg and the Williamsburg Inn. The inns on Duke of Gloucester Street are a neat look at dinning 300 years ago, and the food is good, but not great. The Williamsburg Inn is a pathetic rehash of dinning as it was 50 years ago.

                I'll put another vote in for the Fat Canary and the Cheese Shop. Great food in a fun atmosphere. Grab some bread ends with house dressing. Pierce's is another go to. Also, try Sno to Go, on Richmond Road, for great shaved ice.

              3. I'd have to agree with everyone here that Pierce's is a definite "must go." Great, cheap BBQ. The Cheese Shop is also great. There sandwiches are so simple, but so good. My wife and I ate at the Trellis one year and it was good, but I don't think it was worth the price we paid for it. I recommend staying away from The Library, it's nothing special.

                Now there is a place, forgot the name, but it's on the corner of a triangle near the campus. It's a dirty sub shop, but for some reason I love it. We always go there when we're on our way home from a weekend in Williamsburg.

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                  The deli is called the College Deli -its right across from the Bryan Complex of dorms.

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                    I've got to go with Paul's Deli over the College. Try the Hot Holly or the Stromboli. For the original poster, this is right across the street from the College Deli, on Richmond Road.

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                    Agree with everyone else on the Cheese Shop.

                  3. Reviving this thread because I'm going to Colonial Williamsburg in July. Driving down on Friday night and coming back on Sunday. My main purpose is to play golf and I have tee time at 2 on Saturday and early Sunday morning. That leaves me with 2 meals, breakfast/brunch on Saturday and dinner on Saturday night. Where's the best breakfast brunch in the immediate vicinity of Colonial Williamsburg? Where is the best dinner IN Colonial Williamsburg (I've never been and I want to try an on site restaurant). Thanks.

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                      Chickahominy House has awesome breakfasts, though is just outside of colonial W'burg. Been there forever. The Blue Talon Bistro has a fantastic brunch and great atmoshpere and is in Merchant's Square, the heart of Colonial W'burg. For dinner in Colonial W'burg I'd vote for the Trellis (also in Merchant's Square). Fat Canary is excellent too, but a bit more formal and pricier. Depends what you're in the mood for. King's Arms and Christina Campbell's are both good if you're interested in a real colonial dining experience, and fun if you've never done it. But for the best food I'd stick with the Trellis.

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                        Had dinner at Trellis last night. The salad and bread were delicious. I ordered the special - catfish with chutney - because it sounded interesting. It's not a combination that I enjoyed. Not a fan of mixing sweet (chutney) and salty (fish). No desert as I didn't arrive until after 9 and didn't want to stuff myself. The Fat Canary had no seating even at their bar and the Blue Talon's kitchen closed at 9.

                    2. Was just in W'burg and went to Francesco's which I recommend highly. It's on Richmond Road just outside of town. Nondescript in a strip mall but a real Sicilian chef, barely speaks english, making a go at it. It just opened a few months ago. I wish we had a neighborhood Italian restaurant even close to it in Tysons.

                      1. Went to Dudley's Farmhouse Grille, it was FANTASTIC! The food and wine were great. We had a special of wild mushrooms, pan roasted pheasant and black truffles. I also ordered a Ken Wright Pinot Noir. It was a great evening.

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                          Toano, so glad you enjoyed Dudley's. It just keeps getting better and better. By your name, sounds like you're a local so please spread the word. Jim, the chef and owner, , and Hal my favorite waiter, deserve the patronage. Though don't spread it too far, I want to be able to get a res. when I'm in town!