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May 12, 2008 07:29 PM

Bar food, beer, and trivia in South Baltimore?

I've just moved here from Albuquerque, and it seems like this is non-existent! I'm looking for a quiet little pub with beer, bar food like burgers nachos or wings, and maybe some NTN trivia to keep me busy.. but I can't seem to find anything! I usually work late, and it seems like every place closes early.. or at least the kitchen does.

If you know of a great little place, please, let me in on your secret!

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  1. Not in South Baltimore and not exactly quiet on their trivia night, but check out The Wharf Rat in Fells Point on Tuesday nights. They brew their own beer and the bar food is decent for something that comes out of a kitchen the size of a shoebox.

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      Does the Wharf Rat do buzztime trivia?

    2. You'll find trivia nights all around Federal Hill. Tues-No Idea on S.Hanover and Heath Street, Wed- Mad River on Charles Street... There are the trivia machines at a number of different bars in the area. This covers your bar food request as well. i have heard mixed reviews about "Don't Know" and "Muggsy's" both on Light Street.

      1. Are you talking about the trivia game on the TV screen with the remote box they give?

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            Ah, Bert's in Charles Village has it but that's the only one I know of. If you are new to the area maybe give one of the trivia nights around federal hill a try. Good way to meet some new people!

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              What are these "trivia nights" you speak of? Where should I look to see when the next one is; would something like that be in the City Paper?

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                Big fan of Berts NTN/buzztime trivia. Food is so-so but the trivia competition is fierce!

          2. If it is that hand held trivia game thing, check out Kooper's in Fells Point.

            1. Buzztime is just like NTN, plug in your zip and it will give you locations that have it! Drifters on South Charles is one place.


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                Drifter's isn't Drifter's anymore =( I've called them a couple of times to find out if they still do trivia since they've changed names (and presumably management) but I've been unable to get an answer.