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May 12, 2008 07:12 PM

Robuchon: L'Atelier or La Table?

I am confused as to which of these restaurants has the 55 prix fix, including coffee and wine - can those in the know please clarify! Thanks.

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      1. re: souphie

        I have switched the booking - thank you very much! If anyone has any comments on recent experiences at La Table, I would be interested. I hear some mixed reviews on both La Table and L'Atelier. However, the consensus on Chowhound is the one I trust.

        1. re: shopwinedinefine

          I had dinner at AJR last fall....felt that the tasting menu was good value at 110e. The food was high quality, skillfully prepared, enjoyed excellent foie, stuffed quail, lamb, they also had pasta with white truffles and spit roasted sucking pig. Service is very friendly, casual seating at the counter, unique atmoshphere. Would definately return for the food. Check out the menu collection that JR has displayed on the walls along the downstairs staircase.

          1. re: mdietrich

            I would love to hear more about La Table from those who have experienced La Table and AJR. I have not dined at La Table.

            1. re: mdietrich

              I just did. That lunch menu is incredible value. This is the Robuchon style, I think standard-setting is the word. And good. Not the best ever, but very good, very back to basics. I had a great green pea soup, wonderfully onctuous, with goat cheese ravioli inside, and the infamous merlan frit colbert, just perfect, and a delicious clafoutis for dessert. I confess on ordering extra small portions of sweetbread too, which are great but not as good as l'Atelier.

              Compared to l'Atelier, I would say that la Table's food is lighter, more gentle, and more consistent -- no misses but few wow. I think it is a very recommendable place but I am not sure that I would advise the 150 tasting menu. For that price I'd definitely rather taste Gordon Ramsay's in Versailles.

              Also, in terms of atmosphere and setting, La Table is less original but much more convivial. Sitting at an actual table cool, as is not being rushed out. L'Atelier is great for a pre- or post-theatre high end snack. La Table is better for a real meal and has the incredible value lunch.

              1. re: souphie

                Thanks for the reply, Souphie. For me, the incredible value for lunch (55E) is the big draw. I am looking to have a semi-luxurious lunch for a semi-reasonable price! For our trip, we have mostly bistros planned - so I think La Table de Robuchon will be a nice way to mix.

                I really appreciate detailed comments. They are a HUGE help!

                QUESTION to Chowhounders: Will I be given the prix fixe menu at La Table at lunch, or will I have to ask for it? It is been my experience that you will get one menu, that has both prix fixe and a la carte on it, but I am not sure if this will be different...?

                1. re: souphie

                  Thanks for the great it correct that La Table has Lunch offering for 55e? Hard to believe if true. Are they full at lunch ?

                  1. re: mdietrich

                    Relax, You'll get the carte, the tasting menu, and the lunch menu. Here's what it looks like. As you can see, the 55 menu includes beverage, it's a set price. I'll post picturs later today.

                    And I'm sorry to say it, but trbltd's steak 1- is not a steak and 2-doesn' look bad. But there's no doubt that La Table would be no match for past Robuchon. Most restaurants aren't.

      2. It is La Table, but save your money and try somewhere else. My wife and ate there last year and it was a terrible experience. The service was sloppy and neglectful. The steak (with a 10 euro supplement) was greasy, fatty and with gristle. I attach a photo of same. We went to L'Atelier the year it opened and enjoyed it very much, even though they kept a dozen people standing in the rain until the exact opening time despite our requests to come inside to stand. However, both places are now out because neither is wheelchair accessible. Robuchon was at his best when he started out in Paris at the Japanese-owned Hotel Nicco before opening Jamin when his contract with the Nicco expired. I really believe that he is living on his past accomplishments.

          1. re: souphie

            Thank you for the excellent comparison, souphie. Who needs guidebooks when we have you?

            1. re: souphie

              Thanks Souphie,
              I am now a bit nervous as we do have reservations at L'Atelier in about a month. We have two more nights in Paris...Where do you recomend??

              1. re: Kathfootball

                If I have two night in Paris, l'Ami Jean or La Régalade will probably be on my list in most cases.

                1. re: souphie

                  Thanks so much *I'll be looking into it now.