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May 12, 2008 06:56 PM

Chinese Banquet Dinner - SEA

Searching for a decent place that will accommodate 50-70 people for Chinese dinner. Guests will include kids.

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  1. here are some places i've been to chinese banquet dinners that could accommodate that many people:
    house of hong
    new kowloon (which may be called something else now)
    sun ya
    ocean city

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    1. re: thevioletpear

      China Harbor can also do that many people.

      Ming's and Jeem's in Bellevue can probably do it if you give them adequate notice. Zen Garden in Mill Creek also.

      I hope you don't have anybody in your party coming from Asia, as they'll be sorely disgusted with most of the banquet food here...

    2. Sichuan 99 [or is it 99 sichuan? i have cold and my head is way fuzzy] says it has a banquet room. They are in Lynnwood so its a bit North but the food would be yummy.

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      1. re: jenn

        I would give them plenty of notice before holding a banquet there, as they typically have only one person as waitstaff/cashier. I've brought 10 friends for one of their large banquet tables in the back and they were definitely scrambling. I'm a big fan of their food, but they're definitely not set up for large parties (at least if you're not ordering the sweet-n-sour chicken type offerings there).