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May 12, 2008 06:54 PM

Need Input...Best Burger in SLC Area

I am a self proclaimed burger fanatic. Will be in Salt Lake City and general vicinity for a week on vaca.

Looking to hit as many quality burger joints as I can. All input is needed and much appreciated!!!

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  1. I think one of your stops should be the Acme Burger Co
    I don't know if you're after a good basic burger or variations on the general theme. I'm sorry that all I've had there is the veg burger (which is made in house, and wonderful), their sides are tasty as well. I enjoy the 'breath enhancer' veg option, but this garlic lover's burger is surely great as the carnivorous original.

    My dad loved his burger at Salt Lake Pizza ans Pasta (of all places) as well.

    Also, for a more 50's drive-in feel there's Hires Big H. Their buns fall apart and their fries aren't anything to brag about, but they brew their own rootbeer (if I remember correctly), and they have a local nostalgic appeal. Have a great trip, and report back if you remember :)

    1. Make Acme Burger Company your 1st stop and it won't be your last. I will not eat a burger at a sitdown restaurant anyplace else except maybe Training Table listed below. The beef is grassfed, with a unique herb blend that includes fennel. Exotic burgers such as lamb, ostrich and ahi, all with unique and kickbutt preps. Lots of great starters and some main course fare as well. Good sides too, except I wasn't blown away by the mac and cheese for the money. Service at peak times can be a bit on the slow side. Great spot for Sunday brunch as well.

      That being said, there are other worthy places that a burger aficionado would want to hit:

      Training Table - Utah family restaurant chain, with a telephone ordering system. Kickbutt cheesefries and fry sauce. Burgers are pretty damned good, but nowhere close to the Acme plane.

      Cotton Bottom - dive bar famous for garlic burgers, though the Acme Breath Enhancer kicks it butt from a garlicness standpoint.

      Crown Burger and Apollo Burger are the main Greek-owned broiler chains. I like Crown a little better. Typical California-style preps.

      If you do fastfood, Arctic Circle is Utah's own low-rent burger chain, with a decent product. Supposedly the originators of fry sauce.

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        Iceberg in Draper on 123000 just west of 700 East, north side of 123000 (NOT the same as the one at Larry Miller's Sinclair on State). A good old just greasy enough burger. Great fries, too. Someone I once worked with who left the valley and is now a head chef in the Boston area whined to me about not being able to find one like Iceberg's. Yeah, it's good.

      2. Citris Grill makes a fabulous burger. Its located on 33rd South up near the top, on north side of street, same strip mall as Cafe Rio, near Shivers drive in. Don't miss the corn chowder at Citris, its great.

        I love the burgers at Brewvies, go for the garlic. Movies, food, what's not to like. They're downtown near the high rise Red Lion (you can walk there across the parking lot) - 6th south or so. You order their food, pay, take a number, go get a seat. There's a board in the theatre that lights up with your number, you pick it up and eat inside while watching the movie. There's attached tables, but it can be a challenge when you've got a messy food item. Its fun. Be sure to take ID, they card EVERYone. You can eat out in the restaurant area and actually SEE your food, but go see a movie. Nachos are good too, as are the cheezy fries.

        My fave cheap but yummy burger is the Mad Greek. Charco-broiled and with great fries, under a fiver. There are two, 21st So and west of State (may be renamed the Crazy Greek), on south side of the street. And south west corner of 45th So and 9th East. Look for the blue and white painted huts. Unassuming, simple, and their Greek food is rockin too. Equal to the well-known and more expensive Crown and Apollo burgers.

        Also like the Hires Big H, downtown 4th south, 7th east. Burgers, fries, root beer, carhops. Walkin down memory lane.

        Don't forget the infamous fry sauce. I don't understand the big deal about it, its only ketchup and mayo, but no Utah burger seems complete without a dollop of it.

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          Definitely make sure you have a Crown Burger. I moved away from SLC years ago and still have dreams about them and eat them when I can. They also have the best fry sauce.