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May 12, 2008 06:44 PM

Road trip on the River Road

Being from South Florida, I understand how vague questions like this might be. But, I don't know any other way to ask.

I'm planning an eat-a-rama up and down the River Road. Heading North on the West side of the Mississippi, and South on the East side of the river.

I kinda got the idea from Alton Brown's motorcycle trip/television show, but figger that locals along the way would know where the best places are, what I shouldn't miss, and where I should eat.

So what's the best breakfast, the best country lunch, the best fried whatever along the river? What will help me lose touch with reality, and what will help me recover? What is the best of the lot, and where is a lot of the best?

Talk to me.

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  1. Your location is quite vague. Are you driving from Natchez to Memphis on/near Hwy 61, turning west then picking up Hwy 65 and driving south through Arkansas and Louisiana? Are you beginning north from there in Kentucky and Missouri? If you specify at least some states, and preferably some towns, maybe even in the title of your post, you may get a few more suggestions.

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      Maybe this shows my ignorance, but I thought the River Road was reasonably well defined. It sure seems so on their websites. I plan to start in New Orleans, head north on the west side of the river, to maybe Memphis, and then head south on the east side of the river. While highway 61 and 65 are included, so are a number of other highways -- all of which make up the Great River Road.