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May 12, 2008 06:22 PM

Looking for Callebaut chocolate in the Dirty Jerz

Heyy, I saw this stuff in Cali at a supermarket called Fresh&Easy, (which, IMHO, kicks the crap out of Trader Joe's/WF stuff). Apparently it's really good supermarket chocolate. Anyone seen it in Jersey? Maybe someone who is a amateur chocolatier or just someone who nomnomnoms chocolate as much as I do.

Also, have you seen the price for rice lately? At least the Indian and Thai brands? Like I was in Apana Bazaar and 10 lbs of Adora/Tilda cost me 7 bucks a week ago, now it's freaking 18 dollars? WTF? Apparently there's a rice shortage or drought or something. Damnit. Better start eating more naan.

Also, anyone from NJ familiar with Austin? I've been and loved it, and may go to college there at UT( Great engineering/architecture schools, in the top 5-10, also top business school, don't know about the rep in NJ, though)

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  1. I am pretty sure that I have seen Callebaut (sp?) at Whole Foods. You might want to give them a call before venturing there, just in case I am incorrect.

    I have heard very good things about Austin. I am told that it is very different from the cultures of Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, etc.

    1. Calibut is a good quality, lower cost Valrhona substitute and has been spotted at Whole Foods and even Wegmans.

      A good option is Santander, which Gourmet mag rated #1 and is also found at the above places.

      For quantity of all the above and more brands at decent prices try:

      1. depending on what you are making, i would suggest different chocolates (brand wise). whole foods and wegmanns both have good selections. personally i use valrhona and scharfennberger from california , even though its now owned by hersey :(

        and while i completely respect seal's opinion, callebaut is not a substitute for valrhona. a side by side tasting (equal/close %'s) would reveal valrhona to taste more like a fine aged burgundy while callebaut tastes more like a nice table wine. Scharfenberger, tastes like a well aged bordeaux by the way, imo of course. and again, it depends on what you are making.

        yes, i have done side by side comparos at home and work. i actually think everytime i see a new chocolate, i try it, hoping to find something that resembles valrhona for less money. no luck as of yet. unfortunately, scharfenberger not available to me yet. harder to come by on this coast in wholesale sizes.

        having a chocolate tasting is a fun way to experience new chocolates. check out el rey and hawaiian vintage chocolates as well

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          I know once you get into the real quality chocolates, there's actually an art to tasting like wine. But all I'm looking for is a rather inexpensive Dark Choc (anywere from 50 to 85%) to use in baking, pastry, or just plain nomnomnom chocolate eating.. I heard Callebaut is the best value, at somewhere around 4 a lb.

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            Where do you live so we can reccommend a shop?

            1. re: NJDolfan

              Perrineville. But I can go up to South Brunswick sometimes, east to about Freehold, and West to Princeton. Those are my radii =)