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May 12, 2008 05:08 PM

L'Ardoise Report

We had dinner for the first time last night, on friends' recommendation. We liked it a lot so I came home to read up on CH (usually do that first :)) and am so surprised to learn this is a new restaurant. Feels like it has been there for years -- like it's filled with neighborhood regulars, the staff knows each other well.

We had the soup of the day (cauliflower) and the special salad (baked goat cheese with a walnut vinaigrette); I had the barramundi with almond crust, trumpet mushrooms and lobster reduction -- had to force myself not to lick the plate (but my BF did mop up all remaining sauce with the bread); he had the very-good hanger steak with fries. We couldn't resist the chocolate/banana brioche pudding.

Cozy, friendly, delicious. It's not our regular neighborhood, so I hope we remember it....

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  1. Previous posts available Places. Nice to have update after they had a chance to work out any opening day kinks, thank you.

    151 Noe Street, San Francisco, CA 94114