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May 12, 2008 04:51 PM

Westside Moms' Night out Ideas (year 2)?

Hey Everybody,

My friends and I (8 of us) live down in Orange County, but we are coming up up to Santa Monica for a getaway weekend (yay!). We are looking for a fancy, tasty, and exciting restaurant that will help us really feel like we're on vacation. We're looking for something around $20-$30 a plate (with extra for drinks, appetizers, tip, etc.). We want to get dressed up and feel (for a night at least) like we are young(er) and even a little hip. It doesn't need to be a crazy scene or anything, but something we'll talk about for awhile afterward.

We need a place we can make reservations. We don't want to go more than 30 minutes from, say, the Santa Monica pier, and it would be better if is was closer to 20 minutes.

This is actually our second year for this Mom Weekend, and last year some very helpful hounds sent us to Abode. We really liked it and had a great time, even thought the servings were really small and pretty expensive.

Thanks ahead, for the help!

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  1. My girlfriends and I love Wilshire (25th & Wilshire); Whist at the Viceroy (very cool patio - on corner of Ocean & Pico) and the Penthouse at the Huntington Hotel (2nd st) has an exceptional view.

    There are many, many more great places in SM, that are not so close to the Promenade. We also love Josie (Pico & 24th), Michael's ( 3rd st. & request the Patio), Melisse and Jiraffe, (5th & SM) but the prices can be a little steep, especially at Melisse.

    All take reservations and should have your friends & you feeling pretty cool. Have a great time!

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    1. re: Phurstluv

      Thanks for the good suggestions, Phurstluv! Wilshire looks like it might be perfect! How long (roughly) has it been around?

      Anyone else have comments on Wilshire, or any other ideas?

      Thanks everyone!

      1. re: chazar

        What a wonderful get away idea for moms! I just might have to do that with my girlfriends and head down to OC. Any suggestions on where we should go?

        Wilshire is wonderful for both lunch and dinner. It's been around for almost 3 years. Whist and The Penthouse are both beautiful, too. By the way, Abode is no longer around. Sad but true...

        1. re: fdb

          If you are really thinking of coming down to OC let me know what you're looking for and I'm happy to make suggestions. Thanks for the comments!

          1. re: chazar

            I'd recommend Wilshire, as well. My girlfriends and I are all in our mid-twenties, and we love the place. The food is solid, and the ambience is really nice--hip, but not too crazy. Request a table on the outdoor patio!