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May 12, 2008 04:46 PM

Best Places for Fugu during May?

I m really interested to know some places cause till now i found just 2 and i really would like to have a bit of choices cause my plan is to try almost everything i can in deep about Fugu. Unfortunatly even i founf those 2 names i don t even have an address, so if everyone can help especially cause there aren t many topics in the web that talk about place instead of personal experiences. Thanks a lot

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  1. Fugu is usually a winter catch, so you may have difficulty finding a place that serves it this late. You can still possibly find something, but when I lived in Japan I could not find fugu past March.

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      Interesting.. do you know what happens to the Fugu-ya after March then?

    2. What is your budget and are you asking about Tokyo? If so, which part of Tokyo? There are dozens of places that serve it year round, ranging from chain restaurants under 10,000 YEN to Michelin two-starred places with set meals in excess of 30,000 YEN.