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May 12, 2008 04:20 PM

Grilling Grassfed NY Strip Steak

To usher in the grilling season AND to break my 2.5 months of vegetarianism (I was prepping for a half-marathon that I ran the other week and decided to forego the meat to see if it would make a difference), I am planning to grill a steak. Specifically, I'm thawing a grassfed NY strip steak. Now, I'm a pretty good cook, except I don't cook much (or eat much) beef. And I know that grassfed meats are leaner and require lower temps. So, anybody have some tips for me? Do you like to use a rub? How long per side? I like steak medium-rare. Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. preheat grill for a LONG time with cover closed- get grill as hot as possible. let meat sit until at room temperature. season meat with kosher salt or fancy salt and pepper right before grilling. spread a small bit of olive oil over steaks- cook for 4 minutes a side- do not waste your time trying to get perfect crosshatches- better to let the steak cook the full 4 minutes and then flip. once grilled to correct doneness (sp?) remove from grill, flip steak over and let rest for a good 8-10 minutes. this will let the juices redistribute. we try and eat ONLY grass fed, local organic steaks around here (luckily the catskills has one of the greatest purveyors of grass fed meats around, fleisher's market in kingston and rhinebeck) and have never found them to be lacking in delicious fat. gorgeously marbled steaks require very little work to make delicious. just don't overcook! enjoy fb

    1. Did it? Make much difference? (If I might ask.)

      1. There's no blanket advice on how long per side. Depends on the thickness of the steak and the temp of the grill. Through trial and error, here's the guide I use (with a good hot grill).

        1-1/4-inch, 8 mins. total
        1-1/2-inch, 10
        1-3/4-inch, 11-12 mins. total

        Lamb chops
        2-inch, 13-14 mins. total

        1. Thanks, all. I had this delicious steak tonight for dinner (my first piece of grassfed beef, I might add, though I've eaten grassfed buffalo quite a few times). I let the lump charcoal heat up in the chimney starter and put it in the grill when it was ashing over. The coals were pretty hot, so I placed the steak (on the oiled grate) next to the coals, not directly over, and did 4-minutes per side (and thanks, frankbooth, I didn't bother with the crosshatches!). Like frankbooth said, full 4 mintues, flip, full 4 (maybe 5) minutes on the other side. Seasoned simply--salt, pepper, garlic powder--and lightly brushed with olive oil. Let it sit 8 minutes before eating. The steak was probably more on the rare side than medium-rare. Frankly (no pun intended frankbooth!) it was wonderful! A real beefy flavor. The grassfed beef really doesn't need much in the way of flavor adornments (though I'm sure it would stand up well to more assertive flavors). I am looking forward to more grassfed meat!