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May 12, 2008 04:16 PM

PDX Restaurant for Large Party

I am looking for a restaurant that can serve a party of 100+ ...
any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. I have had events at Olea in the Pearl, and Both did a great job but I might suggest Olea simply because of the room layout. Wide open with very tall ceilings, whereas Fenouil has quite a few room separations that might make a group of this size feel distant.
    There are not many restaurants that can handle larger groups in Portland so lucky hunting. Her are a few other ideas Bay 13, Bluehour

    1. Are you looking for a large banquet or more of a standing room party? I only ask because the space next to Clyde Common in the Ace Hotel has lots of room for 100, but if it's all sit-down it might be a squeeze (still doable, I think).

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        Thank you both ... all of these are great and may work ...! I am having a challenge, it is a sit-down Saturday Lunch or Dinner for AT LEAST 100, most likely more... (my father's retirement party, pretty much leaving the one and only job he's had since college!!) ...meaning kind of a big deal = MANY people...

        I'll let you know what we ended up with. 8)