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May 12, 2008 04:02 PM

Restaurant Recommendations for group of 12

I normally post on the Outer Boroughs board, and I'm not as familiar with Manhattan restaurants these days...I need to find a place for a celebration dinner in June for 12 people. Nothing too exotic since there will be kids and older people who don't have very adventurous pallates, so I'm thinking maybe french, american/steak, italian/meditteranean. I'd like to stick to neighborhoods south of 42nd street, but that's not essential. I'd like a place that is moderately priced and has a nice atmosphere with the ability to have a large group.

There are several restaurants that I like (Pastis, Tartine, Salt -etc) but I mainly like inexpensive ethnic places, and that won't work for this group, so I'd like to try something different and would love to hear some new ideas. Also, most people will be out-of-towners, so something interesting or with "New York" charm would be great. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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  1. I would suggest Keens. True, as with all top-tier steakhouses, prices are high. However, portions are huge, so you can do a lot of sharing, which will keep costs in the more moderate range. The food is delicious service is excellent, and since it's been in its 36th St. location since 1885, there is the incomparable, charming Old NY ambiance.

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      Thanks. It is expensive, but the pub menu is more reasonable.

    2. I think you may be able to fit in one of Crispo's nooks with 12 people. Generally a crowd pleaser.

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        Try Alta (tapas), Inoteca or Otto.

      2. I think Marseille could accommodate a large group, and the food should be diverse enough to please everyone. Crispo should also work.

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          thanks. i was thinking of fig&olive (or olive&fig...), but crispo looks much better.

        2. I had a great dinner at Freemans for a large group - they did a very reasonable prix fix menu (55/person before tax, tip and drinks) and the selections were great. Hidden spot that always impresses out-of-towners, although might be too much with children there...

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            yeah, i thought of Freemans because I really like it, but I don't think it would be good for the kids, and the grandparents wouldn't get it either. But it's good to know they have a reasonable prix fixe -thanks!

          2. The downstairs room at Blue Ribbon Bakery fits your bill to perfection. It's away from the regular diners for the kids, the atmosphere is kind of cozy rustic and the food is delicious with something for everyone.

            I also think out-of-towners would love the atmosphere and bustle of the upstairs and the west village is just great all around. Enjoy!