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May 12, 2008 03:27 PM

Steak 'n Shake....what's the good word?

The hamburgers are pretty good, but you have to get a triple to taste the meat. Not wild about the skinny fries and baked beans. Prices seem high to me. What else is good there??

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  1. I like the chili and the chili mac (3-way or 4-way). True to their name, they've got good shakes. You can get 2 flavors in one shake too.

    1. after years of hearing about how great it was, i just wasn't that into it.

      1. I lived in the mid-west for several years, and got to love them. Now that I'm back home on the east coast, I guess I'm glad they're not out here..I'd weigh 500 pounds if they were! I think they are head and shoulders above any of the fast-food burger places.

        1. hit and miss by location, some are good, and clean, and some are filthy with bad food. Like alot of chains I guess.

          Thge burgers are decent, and I like the milkshakes at the good locations.

          I figure pretty much anything is better than McDonalds(my McD's boycott is going on 8 months, and I dont miss their horrible food), BK, and Wendy's.

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          1. re: swsidejim

            agree totally with the "hit and miss by location"

            in more affluent cities, it seems like the steak and shakes are sub-par to downright dangerous (can you say 7 critical violations resulting in closure)

            in less affluent cities, they are good, if not at the top, of the fast food chains

          2. I've only been to a couple of locations (one in IL and one in KC) but both were pretty nasty in regards to cleanliness. The burgers were alright, nothing spectacular and the skinny fries were perhaps the worst fried food I have ever consumed. The shakes do rock, though. Overall, it's not very high on my list of places to eat, I'd easily hit McDs up over Steak & Shake.