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May 12, 2008 03:26 PM

BBQ'd Turkey?

I've got a whole turkey in the freezer. Can I barbeque or grill it (either whole or in pieces) or should I stick with a more traditional way of cooking it? Thanks

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  1. I think whole would be a bit difficult. We've barbecued turkeys halved, though, and it worked just fine.

    1. BBQ away! I've grilled many a turkey on campouts and they are just great. No need to split it - do it whole. Do charcoal as normal then separate into two piles on either side. Put a disposable pan in the middle - under where the turkey will be. Add some briquettes to keep the fire going, put the turkey on and close the lid. Baste and add briquettes occasionally til its done. For gas, use similar method but don't turn on the burner under the turkey. MMMMM

      1. I have a Weber charcoal kettle and have barbecued many turkeys. I would brine the turkey first for 24-hours with a simple brine. Then barbecue, un-stuffed, at 325F until the breast meat is 165F and the thigh is 185F. It takes about 4-hours to barbecue a brined 14-lb unstuffed turkey.