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May 12, 2008 03:09 PM

Just One Lunch!

We're going to New Orleans for a wedding and will have only 1 lunch to ourselves. We're staying at the Pavilion. Where would you go? We do plan to sneak out to Cafe du Monde as much as we can and buy pralines, too. Thanks for all suggestions. We love everything and can't wait to be back in New Orleans.

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  1. Galatoire's, Commander's, August, Bayona. Which day?

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    1. re: JGrey

      It is a Friday in November. We can't wait to go.

      1. re: DaisyM

        Depends on what type of lunch experience you want. August provides an elegant atmosphere and food. Open only on Fri. for lunch. Galatoire's will be a loud, boisterous room filled with locals and old world Creole preparations. You would go more for quintessential NOLA experience rather than the food. Commander's (garden room a must) is fun with IMO the best service in town and quite good food. I prefer it to having dinner there. 25 cent martinis too. Bayona is not a favorite.

    2. Wow--just ONE lunch? That's hard. If you're gonna be here in May, I'd probably go to Casamento's and have a softshell crab sandwich, a side of fries, a Barq's root beer, then a cup of cafe au lait for dessert. They're closed June-July-Aug, though.

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      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        We're actually going to be there in November. Only 1 meal, because there will be all kinds of wedding related festivities. We have to sneak out so that the rest of the family doesn't follow us!

        1. re: DaisyM

          We just returned from 4 days in NOLA and one of our best meals was our lunch at Commander Palace. It was perfect in all manners and respects.

      2. Hello Daisy, There are so many places to chose from, but if there is time for 1 and only 1 my suggestion would be Palace cafe. it right on canal st. close to your hotel and is owned by the brennan family, same as commander's palace. It is old world cuisine with a modern take. Great service and a local favorite.Enjoy!!

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        1. re: carlos lainez

          Carlos - My recent lunch at Palace was mediocre at best. We stopped in to try the famous crabmeat cheesecake and the white chocolate bread pudding. While those items were good, to be honest, they weren't worth the detour. Furthermore, the other items we ordered were problematic; the lettuce from the cobb salad was old and wilted and it seemed that it was pre-plated while the replacement (while tasty) was overcooked and came with a charred bun. Service was also problematic as our waiter was difficult to understand and rarely came by our table. Probably one of the worst meals (along with Emerils) during our trip. If the OP wants to stay in the FQ I would try Mr B's Bistro instead. A much better lunch experience.

          1. re: bgut1

            I meant to say the replacement dish - a hamburger - was overcooked and came with a charred bun. Sorry.

            1. re: bgut1

              We just returned from New Orleans, and the ONLY meal we hated was at Mr. B's. Food, service, and noise level were all atrocious. On the other hand, our lunch at Commander's was superb. As close to perfect as one could wish for. I'd go there.

              1. re: Plano Rose

                Plano - What did you eat at Mr. B's and what was wrong with the service?

                1. re: bgut1

                  bgut1, I ate gumbo yaya and barbecued shrimp. The gumbo was tepid, not even lukewarm and inedibly salty. I really like worcestershire sauce, but it overpowered the shrimp. When the waiter saw that I hadn't eaten much, he remarked that I must not have been hungry, I told him that no I just didn't like it. He shrugged and walked off. Not even a "sorry 'bout that."

                  The other nine restaurant meals in New Orleans ranged from good to magnificent.

          2. I would go to Bon Ton. It's within walking distance and the food is wonderful.

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            1. re: mrsfury

              I second Bon Ton Cafe. It is just a few blocks from your hotel, and the food and atmosphere are wonderful. You won't be disappointed.

              1. re: mrsfury

                I agree with Bon Ton Cafe, and it has an electric feeling in it. Not to mention they have some good cocktails.

              2. What you are asking is like going to 6 Flags and asking which ride to ride IF you can only ride one.

                Lunch Uptown is very nice at Commanders. Lunch in the Quarters Antoines is very special. Arnaud's is also quite good for the whole experience of a historic restaurant.

                August and Bayona are different. They are both very good but not historic. The buildings are but the restaurants are newer. Well not over 100 years old.

                If I had to make a definitive choice for lunch at one of our restaurants and it was all about the food, I would pick Cuvee. If you want a FQ experience. Antoines. The restaurent is very cool. Service amazing. Food is way above average, especially if coming from out of town.

                Court of Two Sisters has one of the nicest courtyards.

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                1. re: webechil

                  Cuvee would definitly be my first choice however, they are only open Wed/Thur. for lunch.