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May 12, 2008 02:42 PM

Dried Pozole Corn

Does anyone know a source for dried pozole corn anywhere in Western MA (Berkshires through Pioneer Valley)? If not, does anyone have a good mail order source?

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    1. re: Passadumkeg

      Dumb question, but here goes anyway: What's the difference besides color? I'm looking to make Mexican pozole. Actually newmexicanconnection calls it yellow but I assume that's the white. Would one be better than the other? Different tasting?

      1. re: BerkshireTsarina

        The kingdom of cool. At cheap real New Mex. food joints, you get white; at upscale expensive, gringo run restaurants you get blue. The taste is the same but the check at the end of the meal is astronomically different. There is a pretty good little New Mexican restaurant in S. Hadley. The posole and stacked green chile(from Hatch NM) are good, the rest is eh. Top thew enchie w/ a fried egg.

        1. re: Passadumkeg

          Blue corn, in my opinion tastes much different from the white. The blue has a slightly nutty, but more "bland" flavor and a different texture. If you are looking for the "traditional hominy" flavor then I suggest you start with white corn pozole then venture off on the blue.

          1. re: foodsleuth

            I guess I put too much red chile in my pozole, I don't taste a difference. In New Mexico, pozole is traditionally served at Christmas.
            I often make a big pot of pozole and we take it for lunch, cheap, nourishing, cheap and fast to prepare in the AM.

      2. re: Passadumkeg

        Isn't (if it's) yellow, well....yellow corn? Like cornmeal can be yellow, white and (like I ordered from NM), blue.
        Taste? Are different corns closer in taste than NM chiles? I mean if you have a choice of "field" corn and "sweet" corn (to dry and grind) can't they taste a lot different?

        Perhaps I should start my own thread? There are so many questions and so little time....

        1. re: Scargod

          In terms of posole corn, ti all tastes the same to me.
          Now chiles, that' a "thread" of a different color. I prefer Chimayo chiles to Hatch. I think the cool night in Chimayo give a more intense flavor, boy am I full of B>S> this morning!

          1. re: Passadumkeg

            Discovered Goya's giant mote pelado, giant white hominy, which isn't carried in my supermarkets --- but a little Brazilian tienda here in the Shires DOES carry. And lo and behold, that's it! Pozole corn. Next week --- pozole. Wonder what else is out there I have no idea of...

            1. re: BerkshireTsarina

              Tsarina: Have you tried the hispanic grocery store in GB, out behind the Triplex?

              1. re: mjoyous

                Yes, thanks, Joyous, and picked up dried guajillo chiles there. But I didn't know about the mote pelado then, which I think they carry although not Goya. The Brazilian tienda carries a LOT of stuff, including (in the refrigerator) Cinco de Mayo tortillas, not bad reheated on the skillet (although, to my astonishment, my own attempts while thicker had more taste.) Most important at the moment, these wonderful beans we discovered in Mexico, which the maid called Peruana, are available from Goya under the name of Frijoles Canarios, Canary Beans. Goya made a dropoff by request of a case to the Brazilian store, whence I ran in and snatched up four bags and some is cooking in the slow cooker even as I type. Also asked the butcher at Stop n Shop who will get pork neck bones by request, and we had a mini conference on pork shoulder. So somewhere in the next two weeks --- pozole's on the menu. I am a happy gringa.

                1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                  Yum! Haven't been to the Brazilian tienda in about a year, will have to stop in there asap. Thanks for the bean recommend.

                2. re: mjoyous

                  Yes, thanks, Joyous, and I found dried guajillo chiles there. I didn't know about mote pelado when I went in; I think they had it in a different brand from Goya. The Brazilian tienda has a LOT of stuff, including Cinco de Mayo tortillas (refrigerated) which heated up nicely on the skillet, although, to my amazement, my own attempts have a better corn taste. Best news is that the wonderful beans we discovered in Mexico, which the maid called peruanas, are available from Goya under the name of Canary Beans, frijoles canarios. At special phone request the Goya salesman delivered a case to the Brazilian store, whence I dashed in and picked up four bags, one of which is simmering in the slow cooker even as I type. Also had a mini pork shoulder conference with the butcher at the Route 7 Stop n Shop, who says he can get pork neck bones upon a few days' notice. So within two weeks --- there'll be pozole on our menu. I am a happy gringa. And impressed with Goya's service.

        2. NOW there is pozole in the Berkshires! In my house! Just sitting down after a day long session with Rick Bayless's Mexico One Plate at a Time. The pozole is cooling in the kitchen before I refrigerate it, and we will be ready for takeoff for 7 guests on Tuesday night. All I'll have to do on the night is cut up various garnishes: Napa cabbage, radishes, onions, lime wedges, etc. Accomodating guests are bringing appetizers and a chocolate dessert (what else?) and Mexican beer. For the technical details (in this Mexican deprived area), I got white pozole corn online from and guajillo and ancho chilis ditto from Penderey's (both chowhound recs). Also, with a couple of days notice the butcher at Stop & Shop came up with gorgeous meaty pork neck bones, to which I added a couple of pounds of pork butt. Couldn't get the pig's head, but no tears shed over that :-> It's been a long time preparing, but it's worth it. Thanks to everybody who recommended stuff. Wish you all could be here!

          1. Our local Shop Rite ( Meriden Ct) has it -sold by the bag in the what I call the 'Goya' aisle...if you have a Shop Rite, check it out!