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May 12, 2008 02:28 PM

Last Resort Grill in Athens, Ga.

Today I ate lunch at this restaurant and had a cup of tomato basil soup which was accompanied by a FABULOUS slice of some sort of multi/whole grain-y cheddar jalapeno swirl bread which was out of this world. I have searched on the internet for some sort of "copy-cat" type recipe, but no luck. I was hoping that someone may have a similar type recipe in their files and would not mind sharing it with me.

Thanks for any help possible.

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  1. recipe for soup or the bread? I'd check cook's illustrated for a good tomato basil soup recipe

    1. I'm sorry....the recipe for the bread.

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        You may get better results by posting on the "home cooking" board. Or, try calling the restaurant - they may be willing to share, or provide you with the name of the supplier, who may be willing to help.

        1. re: carolinadawg

          maybe Big City Bread is the supplier?

          1. re: Dax

            Good call! Last Resort has a link on their website to Big City Bread, so I'd say its a pretty good bet that is the supplier.