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May 12, 2008 02:25 PM

Lunch in Detroit near the Ambassador Bridge

Looking for a nice lunch stop before crossing into Canada.
Not picky can be anything.


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  1. Plenty of choices right there in Mexicantown, but one that's rock-bottom cheap and very good is at Taquería Lupita on Bagley. Order the torta de chorizo y huevo, the spicy-sausage-and-egg sandwich. It comes with lettuce, tomato, and avocado, and it's really tasty.

    Could also hit Slows BBQ on Michigan Ave. . . .

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    1. re: Jim M

      Or, across the street from Lupita is Evie's --their tamales are just fantastic. And the beefiest, lardiest refritos! Very neighborhood-y and you can bring home a dozen or more tamales, frozen, for about 6-7 bucks and have them for when you're jonesin'. Never had less than a great meal there. And not so far away is LaColmena , aka the Honey Bee, market. An all Mexican "mega-mart", their house made guac is great, as is their home made salsa. You ca get tortillas made just down the street. Goalie Jeff is always impressed that you can get a cow's head, I think already cooked if that floats your boat. Wonderful and diverse produce. Stock up on dried chilis at totally reasonable prices.

      1. re: berkleybabe

        Thanks for the replies. I've never been to the area, is it easy to get to from I-75 and how bad is the construction area ? Mexicantown sounds like a good stop on the way home (PA) too. Whats the best time to cross the bridge, somehow avoiding too much traffic ? Thanks again !!

        1. re: Marilyn

          I agree with the Babe about Evie's--if you live in an area without good tamales, theirs are classics of the genre.

          The other big restaurants you will see on Bagley, like Xochimilco, are a little more Americanized but also not bad if you want a beer and like that style of food. On Vernor, you'll see El Comal, which is more Salvadoran and Guatemalan than Mexican--also good.

          You need this map:


          Coming north on I-75 you'll be forced off at Clark. What you want to do is go left and cross over the freeway on Clark or Grand Blvd., and go up to Vernor. Then go right. The main Mexicantown drag is Bagley, and the aforementioned El Comal is right there on Vernor before it crosses the other closed freeway leading into this mess. Google the addresses and compare them to the MDOT map, and you'll have a good idea of where you are.

          The Clark exit will be backed up at either rush hour. As for the bridge itself, ¿quién sabe? The busiest time is late afternoon, when Canadian commuters are going home, and also Friday evening and Saturday morning. However, it can be busy any time.

          If you are traveling, I would put all bags out of sight. If you can't do that, I'd think about crossing into Canada instead--there are numerous Vietnamese restaurants between the bridge and downtown Windsor. Mexicantown is a busy, well-trafficked part of Detroit, but break-ins happen anywhere in the city.

          1. re: Marilyn

            Construction is a mess right now. If you are not familiar with Detroit IMO this is not a great time to Visit Mexican Village. A few blocks in the wrong direction here puts you in places you definatly do not want to be.
            I would go to Slows, Greektown, or one of the Casinos. Downtown Windsor may be an option for you as well and it's vastly safer than Detroit.

            1. re: Docsknotinn

              Thanks for the tips....I'll be traveling alone (female), I may just get over the bridge before I start looking for places to stop. I'm going to pick up a new puppy :) and my destination is Mcgregor. Jim M..
              thanks for the websites.

        2. re: Jim M

          You can stop in at seldom blues in the ren cen! they now have lunches that are pretty cheap, plus you can enjoy the view if u sit outside!

          1. re: sazfed

            So what's up on the pretty cheap lunches...sounds intriguing.

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