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May 12, 2008 02:17 PM

Best Chinese food in Bayswater/Queensway?

Can you please let me know where you think you find the best Chinese food in Bayswater/Queensway? (Not dim-sum, but regular dinner). I've been to Four Seasons (for duck) and Royal China. And one fellow poster in here recommended Hung Tao. Any views on these? On some of the other places?


(My parents are visiting in town, and want some Chinese food. Service/ambiance etc matter little if the food is good).

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  1. I think Four Seasons is definitely the best of the bunch. I love the roast duck, roast pork, choy sum and shredded chicken over crispy fried noodles. There are other good dishes as well.

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      The BBQ chef arguably responsible for the fine reputation of Four Seasons has been at Gold Mine since it opened, so that wins my vote. Four Seasons is, in my view, just coasting along on an old reputation. Away from BBQ, Magic Wok can be very good for old-style HK and Cantonese, though service can be a bit rushed.

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        what would you order at magic wok?

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          I'd stick to the old-fashioned stuff, e.g. sweet and sour pork rib, steamed or grilled minced pork with salted fish, any kind of hotpot. The bbq meats are pretty good too, but I think Gold Mine just has the edge. The reason I'd opt for the sweet and sour pork rib is that it's prepared fresh from scratch whereas in Magic Wok and most other restaurants, sweet and sour pork is part-prepared in advance. And it really does make a difference.

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            We went to Gold Mine yesterday. We ordered a whole roasted duck and an order of char siu. The duck was not bad, but way too salty. The char siu, on the other hand, was absolutely perfect. Too bad we didn't order more char siu and less duck! Will go back to try the pork belly.

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              Many thanks for your post -- it inspired a trip for roast meats on rice.

              I found the roast duck very tender and moist, with a lot of flavour, the fat under th skin nicely rendered away, leaving a thin surface that I thought could be a touch more crispy, but that's really nitpicking on my part.

              Char siu had the classic honeyed flavour, but I did long for a slightly fattier cut...sometimes it's a matter of luck, depending when when your order is placed.

              Roast pork -- gorgeous. Perfect balance of firm fat, stuff but tender lean meat and beautifully crispy skin that just crumbles rapidly when you bite into it.

              Good sauce too, the spices not excessive and all flavours well integrated. I also really liked the chilli sauce - sweet but also deep and spicy.

              BTW, Inn Noodle opened a branch there, anyone tried it and how does it compare with the original near Tottenham Court Road?

    2. Pearl Liang is not far away in Paddington. Helen on her blog "World Foodie Guide" has a good write up on a recebt dinner there -

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        Thanks PhilD. My father should be blogging about it. He adopted Pearl Liang as his temporary residence for two weeks when he was visiting London. I'm sure I'll get a discount as a result of his spending there!