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May 12, 2008 02:15 PM

New in Portland area; need suggestions!

I posted the following last night under a different title. Thought I'd try again...

I moved to Peaks Island off Portland last weekend with my 2 pre-teen kids. I've been combing the New England board looking for info on food in Portland.

I am looking for recs for very casual good seafood places in and around Portland. An old Chowhound recommendation for lobster and steamers (Newicks in So. Portland) is now moot since they closed that location. Any newcomers?

I'd also love suggestions for really good, authentic clam chowder. I like the real old-school, thin, milky kind. I'm apalled by all the chowders out there that contain flour! Or way too much cream. Or veggies other than potatoes and onions. Just gimme some good, simple, briny chowder and I'll be happy. Any suggestions?

Also, any other general suggestions--but nothing upscale. I find those are easy to find out about, and I'm a poor, single mother anyway and save those places for once a year birthday dinners. Just some good places for deli, burgers, Chinese (does good Chinese exist up here?), Thai, Italian, breakfast, etc.

Thanks, all!


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  1. Cheap eats abound in Portland. Try J's Oyster and Gilbert's Chowder House in the Old Port area. Add Morrisons too. Susan's Fish and Chips out on Forest gets good reviews as does Vivian's Hamburgers also on Forest. Try Haggerty's for Brit-Indian also on Forest. Granny's Burrito, downtown, is excellent. The best Chinese is Lotus in Falmouth. Becky's on Commercial for breakfast and all day diner dining is very reasonable Good luck.

    1. I'd throw into the mix, Thanh Thanh 2 on Forest Ave.for decent pho, across the street at the Thai market, pick up some street food at the counter during lunch. Tu Casa on Washington for pupusas and other authentic Salvadoran. Drive out to Falmoth and the Town Landing General Store for great big, inexpensive lobster rolls. Go to the back of Micucci's on India. If you're lucky, there will be some large slices of Sicilian pizza for 4 bucks and other great Italian breads and pastries.

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        Hey Northeaster--stop giving away our bread secrets in Portland.........
        Deli--Full Belly Deli has excellent product .
        Becky's which was mentioned is great...
        Buck's Naked on Rt 1 in Freeport.... very good BBQ
        Forside Grill in Falmouth is also good and very reasonable.

      2. Also in Falmouth, during the week, Ricetta's Pizza has an all you can eat pizza bar. A pre-teen dream come true. It's located behind O'Natural's which is excellent for soup and flatbread sandwiches.