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May 12, 2008 01:52 PM

Memphis BBQ

I will be spending 4 days in Memphis in June. Where are the best BBQ places to stuff my face? Thanks...

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  1. This has been discussed many times. Do a search on your topic and you'll get lots of information. Everyone has their favorites. Mine are Payne's, Cozy Corner, and Central.

    1. Yeah, get to work, read the boards!!! ; )

      I grew up in Memphis and just got back from a trip yesterday as well. My tops is Payne's on Lamar, no doubt (sandwich, hot sauce). Central, Germantown Commissary, A&R and Cozy Corner are deserving of a spot on any BBQ tour.

      A few photos of these spots and others from my last two trips at

      1. Germantown Grocery, Central...
        But whatever you do, don't go to Rendesvouz.

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          I would qualify that. Don't wait in a long line to eat at Rendezvous. If you're staying downtown and they can seat you right away the dry ribs are truly delicious. Tourist trap, yes, but with some authenticity and tasty ribs.

        2. Payne's barbecue sandwich!!!!

            1. re: Littleman

              Good article, thanks. Interstate does indeed serve some excellent Q. I need to get over to Cozy Corner to try the Cornish game hens.

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                I don't know who this "randal cooper" character is, but I don't trust him.