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May 12, 2008 01:49 PM

Boiled steak

I have heard that the best way to cook a steak is to it put it in the oven for ?minutes at ? degrees and then give it ? minutes each side in a hot pan. More recently I have heard that it is better to boil the steak (in a Cryovac/vacuum bag) for ? minutes at ? degrees and then cook it for ? minutes in a hot pan (how much each side?). Does anyone have any useful information?



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  1. You want to search the America's Test Kitchen website for the oven cooked steak. I just saw it on an episode recently so the recipe should be on the website. The gist is, the oven partially cooks the steak and dries out the surface, so that you get a great sear/crust on the steak without overcooking it. I havent tried this method yet but I think someone else posted on it and gave it high remarks.

    Edit - here is the link to the review

    The boiling method you cite is actually sous-vide cooking. I'm not sure how successfully this can be done at home without the proper cooking equipment. You'd have to keep the temp of the water very low (i'm imagining around 110-120 deg for a rare/med rare steak) which i doubt would be possible on a stove top.