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May 12, 2008 01:43 PM

Good takeout lunch in San Jose?

Our group of 18 - 20 people is heading from Oakland to Santa Cruz this Thursday (5/15) and I'm in charge of finding a good takeout place in the SJ area to pick up lunch for everyone. The requirements are: good food, not too expensive (approx. $10/each), not too far from the freeway (Hwy. 17, 101-280 interchange or thereabouts). We'll eat just about anything as long as it's tasty.

Help, please-- I'm not familiar with the South Bay! Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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  1. Are you eating in the car? Taking the food to Santa Cruz to eat it there?

    1. Hoss poses a good question. If you are taking lunch for everyone, perhaps Mexican? Hopefully, someone else can chime in as I'm not familiar with anything except Falafel Drive-In right off 17 at Stevens Creek/San Carlos. This is an awesome place for falafel (don't care too much about their gyros - not traditional thin sliced) but am not sure how the pita bread w/ filling would hold up after the 30/40 min. drive to Santa Cruz.

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        Hoss, the plan is to take the food to Santa Cruz to eat there. Thanks for the falafel suggestion, ceekskat; I love a good falafel and personally, a semi-soggy filling (after 30-40 mins.) doesn't faze me.

        I'm hoping to give the group a few choices ... any other ideas?

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          Just around the corner from Falafel Drive-In is Dia de Pesca. I had a second visit there last week and love the fresh Mexican seafood even more. It has some meat options as well, although I hate the idea of not taking a bench and eating it immediately.

          You can click on the Places links for websites, past discussions and maps to see how close they are to each other.

          Falafel Drive-in
          2301 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA 95128

          Dia de Pesca
          55 N Bascom Avenue, San Jose, CA

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            I was thinking Falafel Drive In as well. If you ask for the sauce on the side, I think they'd travel fine. The place is excellent. There is a good little taqueria on Hamilton Ave at Winchester, not far off Hwy 17 in Campbell. Los dos Compadres. Burritos would travel well I'm sure.

        2. Perhaps Vicky's Restaurant on W. San Carlos for pupusas. Not sure how they'd travel either.

          Edit: I was just searching on Yelp for something & came across Gulzaar Halaal Restaurant with rave reviews. Looks like it replaced Just Laziz. Couldn't find anything on CH. Next time I'm in the area, I'll check this out if I can steer myself away from falafel:-


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            Thanks for the suggestions! I think our group will be happy with the variety of choices, and I knew I could count on the 'hounds to help me out with this.