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10 Arts

Going to 10 Arts on opening night does anyone know the price point of the restuarant.

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    1. please give a detailed report when you are finished. I am a little confused by this place, is the aim to jump in with the big boys like lacroix, lbf, and the fountain? Or are they aiming a step below like brasserie perrier and table 31?

      1. it is confusing. I mean...it's eric freakin' ripert, and yet there's a cheeseburger on the menu.
        Can't wait to hear all about it.

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          Maybe it's going to be like Daniel Boulud's hamburger. We love Le Bernadin and we're really looking forward to 10 ARts -- maybe we'll make a reservation for opening night.

        2. i made an opening night res. afterall. Anyone know the dress code at this enigmatic dining establishment?

          1. Oh the dress code would be important too.

              1. looking at the menu, I am not that impressed. Looks like it lacks soul to me. Still am not sure of what they are trying to do. I may hit them up for lunch sometime soon, but I will wait on dinner reports. Now does anyone have any idea when Distrito Federal is going to open? I will be there opening night for sure.

                1. Went to 10 Arts last night. Eric was there making rounds to tables and very nice (most of the night he just seat with Stephen Starr who was having dinner) Got the fish burger which had no flavor, corn chowder was okay, the pretzel may have been made three days ago because they were staleand dry, cocktails are way over-priced $15 each and wines by the glass started at that price too. The space is okay I don't know what they did that took months for construction to finish. It basically looks the same with these ugly prism-like colored arches. So after a dinner for two came out to $185.00 I'm not sure I'll be going back anytime soon or at least not till they get somethings worked out. I do think the lounge area is really cool and will be a great place to get a drink and a bite to eat without the huge price tag.
                  P.S. It was the first night so I sure there is going to be a lot of changes in the next few weeks

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                    I was at 10 Arts last night. Saw Mayor Nutter and georges Perrier both dining there with their respective parties. Chef Ripert was making the rounds of all tables--he is as nice and cordial as can be. A breath of fresh air for such an accomplished chef. I thought the decor was fabulous. Actually MUCH different than the prior incarnation. Much more hip and warm--I found it to be a huge difference. Of course this is only the second night of their service, but my food was marvelous. Since 10 Arts isn't meant to be Le Bernardin, the fare is a lot simpler and straightforward. I thought the meal was percetly cooked and the flavors as fresh as they could be. Highly recommend the Market Salad, mussels (the best I have ever had), their "pork and beans"--delicious. Tried the flat iron steak--high quality and perfectly cooked to my preference. Desserts are amazing. Recommend the beignets--they practically melt in your mouth. For Pennsylvania, I find the wine list to be surprisingly good witbh a good array of moderately priced bottles and good wines by the glass. I think the prices are fair given the quality of ingredients utilized. even in the specialty cocktails, although $15 may be pricey--these are 'gastro-cocktails' and also labor intensive and ingredient driven, so I would expect the prices on these to be higher. Standard cocktails are priced the same as equivalent competition in the area. All in all, my guest and I had a lovely time and a delicious meal. For only the second day, and of course with tweaks coming, I would say they did a very good job and I have a lot of confidence in their future.

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                      I too was at 10Arts last night and agree with much of what you said but walked away with a different impression.
                      I agree the ambience is beautiful and relaxing. The drinks great and the GM was very knowledgeable about the wine list (as well as being very personable). The mussels as mentioned - fantastic as was the grilled octopus appetizer (my favorite of the night). The entrees though were somewhat disappointing - while good, the steaks were nothing more than I would expect from most home kitchens. The Striped Bass on the other hand was delicious.
                      Service was the spotty at disorganized at best. Our server was friendly but the appetizers were served staggered, and coffee came after desserts were sitting too long on the table...as just a few examples.
                      Having said that - as noted in the previous post - it is only the secend night and with some tweaks (which are probably already being discussed) I think that this could be a strong addition to the dining choices.

                      I would probably wait a month or two before trying again but it was fun being at a chef of that levels opening week and meeting Chef Ripert.
                      George Perrier also said hello as he left as did Mayor Nutter.

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                        I, too had the opportunity to eat at 10 Arts last night. I have to say that I am completely disappointed. I would think that with a Chef the caliber of Eric Ripert there would be great attention to each meal being served while he was in residence and certainly the second night of their opening. I agree that the Octopus was very good, as were the mussels; however, there were 4 appetizers and for only 2 of them to be good is not acceptable to me. The other appetizers, Tuna- which had no taste and Oysters- which had a metallic taste (and trust me, I know oysters!) were so disappointing that they detracted from my appreciation of the other 2 starters. The Fish entree was good+ but the filet mignon we ordered were a huge disappointment. I know (and don't cringe) I ordered mine well done (butterflied) and still it came out "very pink" inside. Another person in group (who requested - no sauce) had her steak served well done (not ordered that way) and placed on a large white plate without any garnish at all. It didnt look appetizing - and not expected at a restaurant charging these prices. I would never serve steak like that in my home! Service was very off...I spent most of the night looking for someone to fill my water glass. None of the dishes were served together, nor did we receive much attention. The bread was also tasteless, and the butter was served below room temperature. Dining is to be an experience and here the choreography was completely off. I can understand if the food is spectacular and the service off...or vice versa but this was not the case. Albeit the room decor was attractive, there was nothing that stood out for me as being spectacular. The highlight of the evening was David, I believe he was the restaurant manager. He really tried to make our less than exciting dining experience a better situation---and with his kindness and personality, he succeeded. I would have to say that there are too many good restaurants to enjoy than to give a second chance to a restaurant that had all the ingredients to make it better their first chance!

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                          You ordered filet mignon well done?

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                              I'd recommend giving the restaurant another chance. There are always glitches in the first couple of months, no matter who is the "mind" behind the restaurant. Even Alain Ducase has never pulled off a new restaurant completely glitch-free in the first month of opening.

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                                Mr Pickles, I can understand glitches but complete chaos and poor food doesn't work for me. I have been to Jean-George's Vong opening and it was superb from Top to Bottom! The glitches weren't noticeable. Same goes for Alain Ducasse's Spoon in Hong Kong. I was there opening week and it too was superior to the point that the little issues weren't noticeable. I just had the feeling last night that the experience was disjointed and that there was no real committment or interest in making this restaurant better. This is just my opinion. I can also say that the menu was not very inspiring. I was just very surprised and disappointed. I have also been to Ming Tsai's Blue Ginger during many times, with Ming there and when he was not and his food, service and the overall ambiance is so spectacular that I look for reasons to travel to that area.

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                                  My husband and I ate at 10 Arts last night. We had seen the menu in advance so we knew that it was not going to be like Le Bernadin. That said, we were greeted cordially. I was served a very good, generous size traditional gin martini which was excellent. I had the octopus and my husband had the tuna. Both were very enjoyable. For main course he had the striped bass and I had the bouillabaisse -- both were very good but not transcendant. We skipped dessert and just had coffee to end the meal. We did not notice the service glitches noted by others, but we eat early and the restaurant was not at all busy when we were being served. I guess our judgment is that it was good but not outstanding -- a disappointment to us.

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                                    The point that I was trying to make is that glitches happen, especially at restaurants not intended to be world-class (or run by world-class restraunteurs). I just try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. That being said, my understanding is that they did rush quite a bit at 10 Arts at the behest of hotel management so they could get a little momentum before the summer season slow-down. This is probably the source of the problems a number of people have experienced. Excusable? Not really, but I am sympathetic to the restaurant's plight.

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                                      I went to Le Bernadin 2 months ago, and I was not impressed. The place has certainly gone downhill since I was there 2 years ago. I went to the Fountain 2 weeks ago, and could not have had a better meal or better service. From what I see above posts, Mr. Ripert needs to raise his game or this will be another fiasco like Marcus Samuelsson's short lived venture in Philadelphia.

                        2. Extremely disappointed in 10 Arts. I have to agree with a prior comment that the menu is somewhat disappointing and uninspired. The bartenders at the lounge were friendly, congenial and helpful, but the dinner service was horrible. We did not receive our side items with our meal, and had to wait while we watched our waiter text-messaging across the restaurant, to get his attention. A few minutes later he returned from the kitchen to tell us that they had to redo the macaroni and cheese, and when we replied, "and the asparagus?" He said yes, that too. Well, we weren't born yesterday, the whole order was lost - so apologize, but admit it- don't blame the kitchen. To cover up the lost order they brought one of every side item on the menu, realizing that they didn't know what the order was. Naturally they didn't charge for the sides, thankfully since they were all bland and dry. The macaroni and cheese had no flavor, and certainly did not contain the ham that the menu boasted. The mixed veggies were similar to the bag variety in the freezer section of the grocery store, and the small pot of mashed potatoes lacked all flavor, and had an unappetizing texture.
                          The trout entree, however, was a ray of light for the evening. The sauce was amazing. The signature striped bass dish was missing the striped bass, which was replaced by monkfish - a mention of the barstaff, almost overlooked by our waiter until we mentioned it. Also a delicious dish, but would have preferred with striped bass.
                          The final blow came when the bill revealed that the scantily poured "house cabernet" was $18 per glass. Followed by 25 minute wait in line for our valeted car, where when my husband held out the ticket in front of the 5 standing around attendants they all looked at the other to take it. At $600 total for a stop at the bar, apps,entree for four and one dessert, this was soooooo NOT worth it!!
                          Now I know why the place was empty for a Friday evening, when every other notable restaurant had been booked for weeks.

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                            I must agree with you 100%. We went to Eric's place at the Ritz in DC and were looking forward to his place in Philadelphia. The Fish Burgers were excellent. We sat at the bar in the afternoon and had two glasses of wine. The bartender was a very good sales person. She asked what type of reds we like.. I said Cab, Red Zinfandel, Pinot... she suggested on a Pinot from Oregon... she said it would be one of the best I have ever tried... I agreed with her and when the bill came... $36 for two glasses. It was the most expensive one on the list. We returned that evening for dinner and I ordered a cabernet... the pour was horrible about 3 swallows!!!.... and the price was outrageous... there were only 5 tables for the evening... plus I am not a fan of their decor. It is a beautiful space and the modern/neon lights do not cut it. We probably will not go back. There are many other places in the city

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                              I so agree with your comment about the decor BRI328. An attempt at being hip that is completely incongruent with the traditional environment. Given the poor reviews here, I won't be making a reservation any time soon.

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                                I disagree. I really like the decor and kind of dig the pinks and nouveau-retro-ish sort of vibe. I also liked the food quite a bit, and my dessert (the beignets) was absolutely one of the best I had in this city.

                                My friend & I both had drinks (standard pour of wine, maybe slightly more even), and it probably came out to about the $30s range, but neither of us were shocked. To be sure, neither said it was cheap, but we expected those prices when we saw the menu.

                                My two cents.

                          2. Another disappointed diner. Potatoes in the steak frites were excellent (excellent herb seasoning), though the attempted rendition of the traditional paper cone was clumsy. Bar lacked Bluecoat Gin (it's the local product!) and I agree that the wine selection was disappointing and pours small for the price.

                            But what dragged things way down for me was the crabcake. More like lump crab mush. It's a lovely room, but the kitchen is far to inconsistent to demand top dollar.