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May 12, 2008 01:14 PM

Strawberry Cupcakes

I am looking for a tried and true recipe for strawberry cupcakes using real strawberries as opposed to a mix or artificial flavoring agent. I have searched the web, but most of them use jello or cake mix. The one recipe I found using strawberry puree seemed relatively untested. So, does anyone have a standout recipe they've used with excellent results? Thanks so much!

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  1. Is this something you have eaten? Because off hand I can't think of a lot of cake recipes that incorporate fresh strawberries except as a topping or a filling.

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      I used to have them when I was very young at a neighbor's house. Unfortunately she is no longer with us.
      I found a recipe online, and it looks ok, but I always post here because it almost always guarantees good results. Here's the one recipe I found.
      I just wanted a recipe that came with feedback from CH's who generally seem to have a solid knowledge and good taste.

    2. I've only made them once so far but "My Sweet Vegan" by Hannah Kaminsky has a recipe for Strawberry Love Muffins, P.30-31. It calls for frozen strawberries.

      1. You can totally cheat and make strawberry cupcakes with a white cake mix and pureed frozen strawberries If the recipe calls for one fourth cup water, I cut back a little, since the puree will have water in it. Then make some homemade cream cheese icing. Red food coloring if you want it pink or else it is kind of brownish. But taste homemade. If you make a cake instead of cupcakes, you can put a little strawberry preserves in the middle layer too.

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          Waitress: I want to make the cake lollipop recipe below with raspberry puree, but I didn't know how to sub the fruit puree vis-a-vis water, oil, egg. I'm using a white boxed cake mix. So you're saying sub the fruit puree for the water (maybe rinse out the fruit container with a swish of water) and keep the egg and oil, right?

          I'm worried that it might be too moist, and then with the addition of the frosting, might never set up enough to dip.

          I've seen raspberry extract recently and might use that plus some red food coloring. Your thoughts, and anyone else's, appreciated! Thanks.

        2. on food network look up giada strawberry cupcakes with mascapone cheese. uses white cake mix, instead of water i added strawberry puree. the glaze is awesome. i find these addicting.

          1. I haven't tried them, but here's a recipe for strawberry banana muffins that uses fresh or frozen strawberries. The same website has a recipe for strawberry tea bread that I'm sure would work just as well as muffins.