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May 12, 2008 01:13 PM

Nice dinner before Shea

Late game at 8pm. Hoping to get a nice dinner and/or happy hour spot before we go. Any suggestions? Up for anything really...

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  1. Flushing is 5 minutes on the 7 train, 1 stop. Dozens of good Chinese restaurants, Thai, Korean too.

    1. We had a terrific meal at Sriphapai (not sure I've got the spelling right). Great food and we're looking forward to going back when the back garden is open. We went after a day game and must have timed it perfectly as we didn't have to wait for a table. It's about 2 blocks or so from the 61/woodside stop on the 7 train.

      1. I believe sapori d'ischia opens at 5. Tournesol is right on the 7 train, although one stop after the city. And thanks for the heads up. I asked myself, when is there an 8 pm game for the mets? I checked the schedule and realized that you must be talking about 6/1, which I have tix for and hadnt realized the time had been changed.

        1. The Parkside! Can't beat it.