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May 12, 2008 12:58 PM

Lobster in Cincinnati

Where can I go for a great Maine lobster dinner?

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  1. Uh...Maine.....

    Sorry, but there are a variety of seafood places in Cincinnati that do a fine job - but most of them are chains (McCormick & Schmidt's, Mitchell's Fish Market, Bonefish). But in terms of a "great Maine lobster dinner".....

    1. Having never been farther east than Boston, I guess I don't know what you mean by a "Maine lobster dinner." I hear Ruby's South Beach Grill has a pretty good lobster. I'm also told King Wok in Clifton has a pretty good lobster dinner, but I wouldn't expect the "Maine" variety.

      1. cresyd is mostly right, a lot of the seafood restaurants in the area are chains but if you are open to a more expensive dinner then I might offer the Chart House in Newport which has always had great seafood or Jeff Ruby's Waterfront/South Beach Grill if you like surf and turf. I have also heard good things about the Mount Adams Fish House.

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          Ug, the Mount Adams Fish House is like a very bad Boston fish house knock off. Maybe it was just the one time I ate there, but for the price I did not find it to be worth it.