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May 12, 2008 12:58 PM

Janice Beaton's new "salt tasting room" concept (Calgary) opening soon- pics

Nothing to see from the outside but this very cute window covering- as the title states, Janice Beaton intends to incorporate a charcuterie cafe a la Vancouver's fantastic salt tasting room into this property, which used to be the flower shop 2 doors west of Caffe Beano.

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  1. salt is my favorite - i was there twice when i was in vancouver a couple weeks ago - if this is anything close, i will be very happy!!

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    1. re: pants

      I LOVE SALT. Love it. Well sourced super good stuff. The pickled tongue and corned beef from The British Butchers are so fab. Oyama sausages, JZandC (or what ever they're call) smoked pig, well sourced cheese are all awesome.

      It seems others in Calgary think the Salt idea is cool too. The Muse guys are opening a version, J Beaton is too. Domonique, the chef at Teatro, is opening a deli serving house made charcuterie. Three great new places to eat opening this summer. I can't wait.

      1. re: knifeguy

        i love the pork tenderloin and the guiness mustard too - where are these other places opening? and when?

    2. I'm an omnivore and all but the words on that window are creeping me right out. Bleh. If you weren't praising the place, I'd pass right on by.

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      1. re: Sylv F

        How about "Maebell and her friends couldn't help but notice the lovely sounds coming out of the abbatoir"? :-)

        I think the image of "Maebell," a dairy cow, and the sheep are supposed to evoke thoughts of cheese, not... you know.

      2. lol cheeky signage. Those of you who live down there will have to let us suburbanites know when they open. :)

        1. I have some inside info on this new project and trust me, it is going to be exceptional...and finally a concept that Calgary hasn't yet seen!

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          1. re: _foodlove_

            well that's just teasing....gotta give us more than that!

            1. re: _foodlove_

              Does it involve an abbatoir? Because I'm pretty sure that Calgary has indeed seen that.

              1. re: John Manzo

                Just signed up on FARM's email list... their site still says summer 08 opening but City Palate now says mid-September. Here's hoping.

                1. re: maplesugar

                  Janice Beaton cheese - around back of Farm beside Beano - opened this week. Fabulous! Really Fabulous! Looks amazing - really truly beautiful and mmmmmmm . . . the cheese. And other treats! I could see through to Farm and it looks great as well. Definitely opening soon. Two - three weeks at the most. I can't wait.

                  1. re: higgika

                    thanks for the update- and long time no see higgika! :-)

                    1. re: John Manzo

                      Just got back from summer in Penticton. Such a lovely place!
                      And while I was away JB opened and Manuel Latruwe and soon Farm. It is good to be back although I did have one very memorable meal in Penticton - will post soon.

                      1. re: higgika

                        Am looking forward to reading more about FARM. It is a terrific concept.

                        I have been to Ottawa twice in the past month or so and one spot which had recently opened on Murray Street is the Murray Street Kitchen - Wine - Charcutterie. I stopped in and have some very good cheese and cured meats.

                        I got to talking with a person who turned out to be the chef/co-owner and mentioned that charcuterie was quite popular on the west coast. I was thinking of Paprika, Cafe Brio, Choux-Choux and the like in Victoria but he mentioned SALT right away.

                        1. re: Bob Mac

                          It's just great to see more and more house-made and small-batch "artisinal" charcuterie/salumi being made.

                          1. re: Bob Mac

                            Look for winebar to open in Kensington very soon too- also word is that Teatro is opening a charcuterie space as well.

                            The new section of The Coup will be wine/tapas, vegetarian of course, but this is a trend that Calgary is really playing fast catch-up with.

                            1. re: John Manzo

                              Rumor has it something similar will also open in the old 'Bar Named Sue' spot. There's certainly work going on in there.

                              1. re: Mawson Plan

                                Bar Named Sue? That sounds like putting lipstick on a pig, or given the location putting lipstick on a stumbling crack whore, but I'm happy to be surprised.

                                1. re: John Manzo

                                  Ha ha. I can do some more digging if you'd like. Tiger Milk has been a name tossed around. Pop your head in some time. I think it's a former Ming manager and a couple other partners.

                                2. re: Mawson Plan

                                  i miss bar named sue, it was a great place - i read they re-opened in fernie...But having said that, the new concpet sounds excellent.

                                  is there a date for Farm yet?

                                3. re: John Manzo

                                  oops- "Teatro space" is actually the french deli by manuel latruwe, which has of course been open for months now. Sorry.

                                4. re: Bob Mac

                                  Funny you should mention Murray Street Kitchen -- I was just there last week and tried some great Quebec cheeses (not your regular cheddar or brie) and their elk salami. It was great! We were at Salt this past winter and loved that too. With the meat-atarian population in Calgary, the chacouterie business should do well. Looking forward to Farm!

                                  1. re: Dr. J

                                    Dr. J:

                                    I popped in on Sunday and had some melt in your mouth smoked duck, cured pork and as you mentioned delicious and not your "same old, same old" cheeses from Quebec and as it turns out close by Ottawa as well.

                                    Hoping someone will try to make the trend work here in Edmonton

                                    1. re: Bob Mac

                                      checking out the dry run of farm next week...i'll give you the details once i'm full, fat and happy. ;)