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May 12, 2008 12:57 PM

Rehearsal dinner reco

Looking for a restaurant venue with a private dining room for a rehearsal dinner for 25-30. Quality of food is number one priority. Would prefer location in DC or Md. Suggestions?

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  1. All four places by Passion Food have private dining rooms and really good food. DC Coast, Ten Penh, Acadiana, and Ceiba.

    1. Location was important for my rehearsal dinner of about 40 people and we had it at the Old Ebbitt Grill, and it was great.

      1. I always thought that if I get married in DC I want to have my rehersal dinner at Bistro D'Oc near metro center. Delicious french bistro cuisine and they have an upstairs private room perfect for such an occasion.

        Other places to consider would be Tabard Inn, Acadiana, or Filomena.

        1. A lot of places have this but it all depends on your price, if you can do high end I would call up Le Paradou, for a lower night minimum check out Brasserie Beck or Zola or Tabard Inn. Of the passion food restaurants they don't do those types of events at Ceiba, but they do at Acadiana and DC Coast, I don't think they do at Tenpenh.

          Old Ebbitt's is ok, but I really dislike the look of their private downstairs room which they will put you in. If I had mine in the DC area it would be at 2941 or Le Paradou.

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            Ceiba has the blue room for private parties and Tenpenh does parties for 40 on their patio.

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              Oh ok, sorry, I contacted them for my engagement party and those two referred me to the other places, but maybe it was because I had 50 people?

          2. Kali's Court in Fells Point has an amazing private room for occasions just like yours.