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May 12, 2008 12:44 PM

Best Casual "Must Have" In Portland

Hi Everyone,

Coming from the east coast for a music festival and will have one afternoon / evening to buzz around in Portland. What is the one food that I have to try? Will be with a group of thirtysomething men and looking for something casual and fast - even take out based on our limited time. What's that place where the locals go that is never found in a tour book?

Will be there on a Tuesday


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  1. I would go to Clyde Common with a group like that. You might want to give them a heads up.

    Next door is Kenny & Zuke's Deli, best pastrami west of Katz's.

    1. Casual and fast, possibly take-out on a Tuesday, I say Kenny & Zukes. My favorite things there: the Ken's Special Sandwich, which is basically a reuben plus chicken-liver. Great stuff. If that's not your taste, just get the regular reuben, or even the rachel. Make sure you also order fries.

      K&Z's location in Downtown also lets you check out the scene there and the nearby Pearl District.

      Other than that, Pok Pok. The menu recently changed and it's as exciting as ever. Fish sauce chicken wings are quite popular. This also allows you the opportunity to see the Eastside of town, which comprises the great majority of Portland.

      Something up on Alberta or Killingsworth might do the trick, too. I don't spend much time up in NE, so perhaps others can make a few recs. Podnah's BBQ (I think Andy the owner just got back from Texas where he and his staff did a field trip) is up there, as is Alberta Oyster Bar, Siam Society and a bunch of others.

      The cool thing about trying to do stuff in mid-afternoon is that there will be happy hour prices in effect pretty much all over town.

      It's a shame a lot of the posts lately have such a limited amount of time to spend in our town.